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Learn By Dying [Re: Tutorial Bug]


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I don't expect anyone new to the game to try doing this but, if anyone does manage to bug them self out of the room: they're probably going to crash . Those who have encountered stalker attacks in the tutorial will also know, attempting to revive after dying in the tutorial will crash to desktop. Normally, when a player dies without revives the mission instantly fails, but in this case the game still prompts a revive/forfeit screen. In some cases you are able to select forfeit and fail the mission back to the main menu, but typically any mouse movement even close to the revive button signals the crash. I'm guessing this is because there is no revive pool to draw from (nor any expectation that the player will die) and the game simple doesn't know what to do.


This is more about the mostly-known revive bug and not the somewhat-known collision bugs. I just wanted to point out another, more consistent instance new players could run into. In theory, a first time player starting in the tutorial cannot invoke the ire of the Stalker, but everyone can fall out of a map.

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