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Scindo Build


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Personally,I built my Scindo to be all about charge damage.


I bet you got it from a login reward. I did,too.


So,you'll be needing a Reflex Coil and Killing Blow. Upgrade them quickly,especially Reflex Coil. Run in charging,walk out bathed in gore. Aside from that,don't waste time with things like crits and stagger. You'll be relying on the raw damage output of the charge. And on that note,don't bother with Fury and Pressure Point,as they're for normal attacks,not charge attacks. Since the Scindo is so slow to begin with,it won't be able to enjoy the full benefits of Fury and Pressure Point.


Only toss on armour piercing if you're going up against Grineer,and aside from that,a Smite mod for every faction,switched out on a case-by-case basis,would be good. After that,go for Fire and Shock damage. Ice won't serve you well,as you won't be expecting anything to survive the swing,outside of bosses,and for such scenarios,the ice mod would be better put onto a gun.


Reach is another thing to keep in mind. It increases your swing range,and therefore allows you to hit more people. When you do a drop strike,it increases the AoE,knocking over more people. Great for getting out of a tight spot,and retreating so you can try a different tack.


So,mod priorities are...


1) Reflex Coil. This allows you to put out charge attacks quickly.

2) Killing Blow. This is what gives your charge attacks their teeth.

3) Smite. Although rare (I only got mine from Void mission),they offer a percentage boost to ALL damage the weapon deals to enemies of that faction.

4) Reach. Remember it. Jokes aside,it gives you a longer swing arc,allowing you to bifurcate more people and make more ceiling jelly.

5) Elementals (except ice). More damage. Sure,the Corpus will take half fire damage,sure electrical doesn't hurt the Infested much. But,overall,you WILL deal more damage.

6) Sundering Strike. Really,only stick this on if you REALLY don't like the Grineer.

7) Pressure Point. Bottom priority. Since,to my understanding,charge attacks are a percentage increase of base damage,throwing this on would,in theory,increase your charge damage,as well. Feel free to prove me wrong,though.

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Firstly imo the Scindo should only ever used for thematic purposes. Only Volt can really make use of the thing's slower-than-frozen-molassass speed, and that's because he has Speed to buff it. Damage-wise and utility-wise, the Scindo is massively outperformed by other melee weapons, namely Hate, Reaper Prime, Gram, and Orthos.


Oh and Dual Zorens. Can't ever forget the Zorencopter. In fact, I think even a maxed-fury Scindo actually slows you down when you do a slide-melee... but don't quote me on that.



For a Charge build, Riddle has part of it right. And part of it wrong.


Molten Impact gets armor-raped, and you're already dealing blade or serrated blade (both x3 vs Light Infested), so you really shouldn't be in need of MORE damage against them- ignoring the fact that it adds only 18% to Chargers and Crawlers by the time they're lv70 (before level 50 for Ancients).


Shocking Grasp Touch gets doubled for less mod points by Focus Energy, and also gets armor-raped... However, Moas (and Osprey) do not actually use armor, so you'll still deal 120%-360% to them with it (assuming you use ONLY Focus Energy, and depending on if you hit their backpack phanny pack rather than their leg).


Northern Wind doulbes vs Shields and adds a utility effect (slow). Pretty sure even the Scindo can stagger lock ancients when it has Northern and maxed Fury. Cold is one of two elements I encourge you to put on everything regardless of what you're against, as it's always useful- and its buff to your stunlocking ability is invaluable on a melee weapon.


Sundering Strike is bnb status. AP bypasses armor, mod goes up to 90%. It's +90% damage on all but light infested (only 45%), and it's always that much, never getting reduced. Yes, after lv70, AP deals over 2.5x damage to infested chargers than fire does.


Pressure Point does really well as your elemental mods scale to normal damage rather than charge damage (iirc), and your slide attack will always get some use (and that's based off of your normal damage). Also, against lower level enemies (think: 40 and lower for MOST enemies), normals will work just fine.



Reflex Coil, Killing Blow, and Reach are spot-on, however.


Smites are a little more meh imo, but that's more because I tend to rate things based Tower 3 and not wanting to have to switch mods between missions, rather than other things. Smite Infested is probably the only one I'll max at some point, as Infested are the primary enemy I kill almost exclusively with melee (yes, even Toxics).


Fury needs to be on a Scindo, and it needs to be at a rank higher than max. The thing moves like it's made out of 5 tons of lead even with it, without maxed Fury it's... I don't even want to talk about it.






Focus Energy is Shocking Touch but better. Also buffs charge speed by a tad, but the amount is much less than Reflex Coil, and it's still only 60% Electric and Electric still falls off pretty bad against non-Moas / non-Osprey on non-headshots (good luck consistantly doing melee headshots lol).


Rending Strike is the child of Sundering Strike and Killing Blow. +60% AP and +60% Charge Damage. Get it, Max it, Use it, Love it. Though Killing > This > Sundering in a _pure_ charge build.

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