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Void Weekend Event Idea


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Thought of this while going through the game types Void does not currently have.


So what would happen is, DE could use the Spy game type to do a weekend event which would bring us 1 new Prime weapon only available in that Void type. Also add one of the more difficult to obtain Prime weapons like the Orthos to the table with higher drop rate. The keys would drop in missions as well as be rewarded for defense missions. Each tier would grant a certain amount of points respective to its level. Example: 10/20/30. Also each tier would have a chance to drop the pieces for the new prime weapon as well as other things. Each player would be required to get at lease 300-500 points (up to DE) in order to win the Blueprint for the event reward weapon. Clans would win a nice statue. Our goal as a community would be to fill a % bar by completing missions.


*Side Note: It would be cool to perma-add a new void enemy during the event.


As far as "lore" goes; the information we'd be stealing is essentially what get's us the BP reward at the end.


Here's how the reward tables could work since it'd just be a weekend thing. *Note: I suggest reserving this game type for weekend events only.


T1 Spy


Weapon Prime Barrel - 7.37%

Forma Blueprint - 2.01%

Weapon Prime Stock - 15.18%

Forma - 0.67%

Orthos Prime Handle - 12.65%

Bane of Grineer - 7.37%

Expel Infested - 11.06%

Smite Corpus - 7.37%

Weapon Prime Blueprint - 2.01%

Weapon Prime Reciever - 1.01%

Orthos Prime Blade - 7.37%


T2 Spy


Weapon Prime Barrel - 11.06%%

Forma Blueprint - 2.01%

Weapon Prime Stock - 7.37%

Forma - 1.01%

Orthos Prime Blade - 11.06%

Orthos Prime Blueprint - 7.37%

Bane of Infested - 7.37%

Expel Corpus - 11.06%

Smite Grineer - 7.37%

Weapon Prime Blueprint - 2.01%

Weapon Prime Reciever - 12.65%


T3 Spy


Weapon Prime Barrel - 7.37%

Forma Blueprint - 7.37%

Forma - 2.01%

Orthos Prime Blueprint - 11.06%

Bane of Corpus - 7.37%

Expel Grineer - 11.06%

Smite Infested - 7.37%

Weapon Prime Blueprint - 12.65%

Weapon Prime Reciever - 7.37%


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Sounds a lil to easy, but that doesnt make it not good.


for the event they did rewards were cards with pictures. id say time effort for new prime wep wouldn't merit a weekend event. 


Ah but it's not FOR the prime weapon. The Prime weapon is just incentive.

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Ignore me, i just read it lore wise. Corpus an Grineer hear about new wep housed in a time restricted void. So you have to kill them to get the event specific keys/maps/items to enter the void that contains bp for the "new wep". 


So is the overall event reward is the Bp for the item you farm parts for (ignoreing statue reward)? <--- thats the only part i don understand. Prob jus me no one else XD.

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