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Rhino Stomp Dealing Low Damage On Low Level Missions


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I noticed that sometimes when I use Rhino Stomp(rank 3 + focus), weak grineer units(Lancers etc.) are killed off right away, but the heavy ones like gunners, barely take any damage and this is going back to the lower levels(Saturn), I do think the skill still ignores armor as it still nukes weak units(Lancers etc.) on Ceres without much effort, so not sure... Did they implement something or is it a bug...

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I wasn't saying I kill heavy units(gunners etc.) on Ceres with Stomp, I said that I don't think armor is the issue for the damage being so low, since Stomp ignores armor, and outright killing weak grineer units(lancers etc.) in Ceres proves that,


So why is the damage so low when a heavy units gets hit by it?...
Good example, I was running a mission on Saturn and I used it, and a gunner only lost about 20% of their health, then I saw a Mag use Crush, and she did way more damage then I did...

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