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Enemy Radar Drops?



Hi all, I was reading up on Enemy Radar after seeing it used to Stealth high level missions.


I can see it+s absolutely essential for Ninja backstabbing and guard -patrol tracking.


The Wiki states that Corpus drop it, and it being a Rare mod, where should I go to have a chance of finding one?

Any advice there? The wiki contains no location info or percentages of droprates 'I can find.



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there's two versions of the minimap radar.


one is an aura that only drops as a reward for alert missions but it GIVES you mod points to use on your frame (enemy radar). the other is a mod that REDUCES the amount of mod points you have as it is a mod as well (enemy sense).


both give the same amount of radar at all levels so I'd advise you watch the alerts to get the aura so you can get free mod points to use for your build.

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