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Enemy Ability Spam. Petition To Change It.


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Every time i encounter an enemy with special abilities e.g.grineer scorpion, ancient disruptor, grineer commander, grineer shield lancer etc the first chance they get they will use it. For example scorpions instantly fire the grapple at me when in range, disruptor will always try to knock me down then use the disruption attack right after or the shield lancer will always rush at me with his shield and knock me down. Not only does this happen all the time but the instant the recharge is done they do it again almost instantly as if it were the 1st precept and normal attack was 2nd, similar to how sentinels work. For me this is a game breaker as most of the time when this happens in higher level missions it almost always ends up in me dying before i can get back up, only to self revive and get blasted to death because there is no invincibility period after doing so which is also not fair.


I think there should be at least a 3-4 second delay after you're in range of the ability before they use it, or add simple logic such as the scorpion only uses the grapple if you're running away from the fight or the delay has passed, or both whichever would be more balanced.


If any of the players out there agree or have any ideas i ask of you to share here to bring it to the attention of DE.

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I would only agree if it was impossible to dodge.


The one that is really impossible to dodge is Grineer Commander, and that skill, is nearly useless vs any frame. You just need to be smart and carefull to have 1 ultimate for that kind of situations.


Ancients are slow when not running, and when running still slow.

Scorpion get you, bring you to close range, and they won't use the grapple again until you move away, and they are squishy.

Lancers, just jump-attack near them.

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I know those things are annoying but without them it would be too easy!

or is it better when every enemy with abilities just stopd doing them and runs around like a bullet sponge.

I'm not saying stop them from using them i'm saying to just reduce the rate at which they use them. Being how repetitive it is currently, a good example would be if theres two scorpions and one grapples you typically the other will grapple you as you get up making you a bullet magnet for several seconds resulting in death very quickly in higher levels.

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