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Swaggernaut's Workshop contributions [Gauss Surah Helmet Now on the Workshop!!]


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On 2019-08-01 at 2:03 PM, Koknoob said:

Oh yes this looks so awsome.


Personal I think this looks fine on it's own I don't think it would need anything more on it in my opinion ,it looks compact efficent streamlined something the corpus would definitely design and wear. It look like a backpack/energystorage/lifesupport the corpus crewman would wear on them during missions or preaching about the temple of Profit (the small credits on the sides of it are a nice touch) and I would love to have syandan like this on my Corpra Nova.

Also will this be a animated syandana or a static one? It would be cool if it's a static one I have some animated syandanas I rely like to wear but sometimes it botther me that I can't keep some of them permanetly closed or open depending on the syandana (please DE add a toggle button for it) and this syandana looks rely nice to me they way it is on the picture currently.

Hey thanks for your comment!

I was keeping possible animations when I was modelling it, so I will experiment with it and see how the animations would look as a prototype at the very least

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