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Hi guys,


Warframe is since a few weeks my favourite game.


But I miss a possiblility for trading with other players.

So here I have a example for this:




1) Your items, which you want to trade

2) Credits, which you want to trade

3) Platinum, which you want to trade

4+5+6) Item type, of your items

7) All your items

8) The items, which the other one what to trade

9) His Credits, which he wants to trade

10) His Platinum, which he wants to trade



I would be happy if you could add this to Warframe.


Thanks and yours sincerely,


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If they will add trading then they wont allow to trade platinium !


I copied this for you, cause clicking the link might be too much work. It's part of this week's community hot topics. Enjoy that egg on your face.


Trading: A proposal!


In Livestream # 10 Steve talked a lot about trading. The constraints remain that we can’t have a system that is exploitable. A possible integration of trading that has been discussed deals with Mods. This can potentially be done in two ways:

Converting unwanted mods into a new mod at random. (Got 4 Slash Dash’s? Trade them with Crazy Carl and see what he gives you for them!)

Got a fully maxed Hornet Strike? Post it for set Platinum and another Tenno out there may take it off your hands for your listed price, earning you Platinum in the process.

We will update as more info emerges.  

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