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Offer On The Weapon Orthos Prime!


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JnusOdra, 30 июл 2013 - 10:42 вечера, сказал:snapback.png

Ну во как я и подумал, что кто то создаст такую ​​тему.

Поддерживаю полностью идею!

Т.к. Это Прайм, а кроме размаха и урона в скольжение, ни чего не добавлено стало обидно, а это замечу мое самое любимое из мили оружие!

И думаю что не только мое!


Насчет размера, ужасно смориться и почем-то он стал не раскладным, а это была как раз и фича Ортоса.

Сложилось впечатления, что оружие было не доработано и сделано на скорую руку типа вот Вам хотели получите, (но с намеком потом исправим).Так вот сейчас время пришло пора изменять!)))


По этому надеюсь на понимания наших великий гуру))

Просим Дамы и Господа!

Well in as I thought that someone would create such a topic.
Fully support the idea!
Since This is Prime, and in addition the extent and damage in sliding, neither of which has not added a shame, but I note it's my favorite out of melee weapons!
And I think that not only mine!
As for the size, and how much SRAs awful, it was not a fold-out, and it was just a feature ORTOS.
The impression that the weapon was not finalized and done in haste type here you want to get (but with a hint then fix). So now the time has come it is time to change!)))
By this I hope to understand our great guru))
Please, ladies and gentlemen!
*google translation
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I actually think the idea is pretty cool if it happens. Then we can demand ask for similar updates to other weapons :)


best moved to Weapon Feedback though.


Edit: Just a note: this idea isn't new. Glaive and Kestrel are existing weapons that have a different state when not in use (ok.. Kestrel used to glitch when I was using it earlier in previous updates by not reverting properly to the "unused" state when not in use. not sure about latest updates).

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 It took me a second to realize what your image was trying to show me - but it dawned on me after a few seconds.


 That is a pretty interesting suggestion. I think it is kinda neat.

Once again I apologize. Language barrier, many thanks that paid the attention to our offer.

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As a practicer of old melee weapons and a huge fan of the original Orthos, I am not that fond of the idea.

To me, these weapons should stay as they are. As pure weapons made for close combat, crafted by unknown materials by the Orokin and now used by todays Tenno, who probably dont understand it correctly. 

When making it an telescope, I feel like it will loose its feeling of being an... well... ancient weapon by an long lost race. I feel like I have bought it from an convenient store. Plus, I love how it looks on my frames back when I am not using it.

Neat idea, but I am not supporting it. It looks fine to me as it is.

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