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Give Us Something New!


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pluto? outer terminus, palus? tower tier 3 defence key, even a newcomers loki have been there. nightmare mode? all of them are way too easy.


Come on give us something new or at least a mission that hard to complete.or a tight restricted mission like clan only mission? a new random encounter like stalker wife maybe? or new faction, new solar system, etc


what we got is another new gun again, again, and again. please stop making gun and give us something worth to play for.

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Yeah, they are normally release new Content with the major Updates, so the next one will be Update 10 ;)


Update 9 included new Locations for the void and a new playable class

Update 8 included the void itself

Update 7 included greneer galleon


So I think they will go on releasing new Content, but creating this new Content takes time and I like it, that they release it regularly but don't rush it ;)


PS: Greneer Outposts have already be announced as a desert-themed world, maybe that this is included in Update 10...

We'll see...

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