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DeadNexus_ Tennogen Concepts [Added some syandana designs]

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Hey everyone, welcome to my concept bucket,


-=  Intro  =-

This is the spot where you can stay up to date to all my concepts, what I am currently working on and what for great Tennogen stuff is in the making by my good pal Swaggernaut. I hope you all enjoy our works. Don't forget to check Swaggernaut's work out and stay in touch with his progress by pressing this link, don't forget to give him a like as well and follow him: 


-=  Newest Concepts =-

Frost Kaldian Set:

The Kaldian set is a warframe skin + helmet for Frost, an axe reskin named Axartis and a syandana with a never before tried fur cloak named Vikiria.

"Beyond the gates of the tower on this frozen plain there lays an altar yet undisturbed, displayed there is a champion among the tenno, with his warframe covered in ice and steel, will you take his mantel?"

"An axe, engraved with the might of the very stars that guide our way, speak with its edge like he once did."

"Hanging above is a pelt of unknown origins, its fur glistering with energy, a symbol of someones status perhaps?"


Other parts:





Volt Thoros Set:

The Thoros set is a warframe skin + helmet for Volt, a fists reskin named Jarngreipr and a syandana named Ampaegis.

"High in the sky there is a place untouched, left forgotten because of a grave sin, there it resides, waiting to be used again."

"Gauntlets of unknown origins, embedded with the will of combat."

"A strange ornament, icon of lightning, effigy of shock."






-=  Concepts  =-

Caltora Syandana:

Some simple quick design for a syandana



Zaku Syandana:

Some simple quick design for a syandana



Vokjat Syandana:

Vokjat syandana design, perfect grineer style.




Nidus Tumultus:

Nidus Tumultus is my latest helmet concept. The design is ment to be an intimidating helmet with a multitude of moving parts, the back part is a stinger mostly seen in the insect world, however the purpose of his stinger is making a symbiotic link. The horns I drew around the helmet are other options for the 4 horns that he has.




Elix Syandana:

The Elix is based on Riv Elite armor, it did get a huge update compared the the first version also displayed in this image. 




If you want to check out my pet project Wurfrum, in which I make all the great content of Warframe into better content, check this link to the new reborn post which will be updated once in a while: 


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Reformed a few things here and there
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19 hours ago, Almighty_Jado said:

The Nidus one makes me moist. With infested juices.


cant wait to see these more thoroughly fleshed out!

Ah, finally found a person which is a infested-holic (perhaps)...

I use every infested weps and Nidus is my main frame (won't use Nidus Prime in the future).

You can add me in game, It's weird my IGN haven't changed to Critatis...

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Paintover of the Pratura syandana, we were not completely satisfied with the colourscheme that we were going for until now. This will surely look much better and fit in the corpus style. 


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43 minutes ago, (PS4)i7081277 said:

wow thats like super nice! but I really hope it won't end up being too big.

We will make sure it won't be too big this time ^^" That was a big mistake which we will look at with care from now on. 

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Most of your pictures in the OP seem to have vanished.

If I may? I've always wanted to see a syandana where instead of being two pieces above/below left/right you have a syandana where part of the syandana covers another part of it. So one infront/behind

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