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Mission Type Suggestion


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Add another mission type where you play on a huge map and have to take out like 10 reactors.

One at a time.

Each time you disable a reactor, more and higher level mobs will try to hinder your progress culminating in a miniboss of sorts just before you reach the last reactor.

Perhaps build those maps around some sort of central hub from which you can reach all 10 targets.

This is like some sort of mobile attack as you move from target to target.

Perhaps, instead of just destroying one reactor after the other it could also be computer consoles, fuel tanks, escape pods, ships in one of those hangars, VIPs, ...

With reactors taken down things should also stop working or be unreliable.

Elevators may slow down, doors won't open and will have to be pried open somehow, ...

I think it could be a decent alternative to defense missions which could perhaps even be set up in multiple stages so you have to do five tasks, then 5 more if you so choose.

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