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Difficulty Options


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      First things first, this is not about making the game easier by adding an "Easy" mode. This is more about adding, better put as suggesting, options to go about playing the game to further increase its' reach and diversity. What I had in mind is having certain options to change how the game will function. As in mob health, mob damage, mob AI, stealth mechanics, and general player control/stats.


     First mode would be Normal (Possibly Purist?). This wold be the mode that we all curently play now, so not much to talk about on it.




Advanced Normality



The second being Advanved Normality (Nightmare is basicly it, just I picked a different name to explain in itself how it plays). This is where the mechanics will play exactly like Normal, but with statistical differnces. Enemies would have higher health pools and be all around stronger. Resistances would be increased to further increase the difficulty, but to balance it out for the frames that rely on elemental damge, there could be added mods that would increase certain elemental penetrations against enemies and others to increase all elemental pen, but with reduced effect per element. This in itself would add a bit more tactical play for that you would have to choose even more carefully which mods you take with you. Another could even be armor penetration mods to counter the increase of enemey armor and/or shields. This is basicly just a bit more in depth version of the Nightmare mode already established, but that doesn't mean that this would replace it if Nightmare was still wanted by itself as well.



Hardcore Realisim?



Third mode would be what we would probably call "Realism" or "Hardcore" mode. This is where I can see people getting upset, but this is not to completely change how the game is played, it just adds the option to play it another way. Mobs would do a signifigant amount of damage, but they would also receive a signifigant amounts of damage them self. Stamina would regenerate at a slower rate and/or manuvers would consume more stamina. The other thing that would probably need added is a cover system. I know that a cover system has been at least talked about and it would be nice in itself to not be able to shoot through corners or have enemies shot you when you have no body part sticking out. Not saying that this would be an exclusive mechanic for the mode, just that it would greatly improve the mode, not to mention the game as a whole. Another idea would to even possibly go as far to implement much more in depth stealth mechanics. Now I know this would probably be a huge addition itself, but it is already (some what) in the game, so why not make it better? Advanced noise detection (Movements, actions, and even possibly what you are on generating noise), advance visibility detection (Better LOS detection and view distance for enemies. Possibly lighting), and general AI modifications (Ally body awarness, alert levels, dminishing alert levels, response times, investigation, advance patrol routing, and reaction to certain actions made against them).




    These are just suggestions and by no means in any shape or form an attack against any being currently or formely playing Warframe. It is also not perfect, at all. Advancing the AI would dramaticaly increase the quality of the current game and these modes, especially Realism, since it wouldn't be too fun to get killed by perfect aim or get easy kills off of suicidal enemies. Though, I fully understand the complications and time needed o rework AI, but I think by it self would be a huge advancement. There is also the issues of rewards for each difficulty and cross difficulty advancment. Would advancing in Normal advance Hardcore? Would certain things transfer between the modes or would they be completely different progressions? This finnaly lends off of you and the developers. What do you guys think should be changed, added, or removed to this suggestion to make it better for all, but bewarned of casualization. Also, if you some how were offended by any of this, please do be civil about your response. Also try to be helpfull to discussion, not a hinderance.




                                                      Warframe is still in beta, so why not use the time?

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