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Neural Sensors And Neurodes Should Switch Places.


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So, to get Neurodes you have to farm on Earth, home of the Grineer Empire, as the game states. To farm Neural Sensors, you have to go to Jupiter, a planet swarming with Infested. However, Neural Sensors are of Grineer design. The game's text is as follows: "Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design.". Neurodes text: "Biotech sensor organ harvested from Infested entities.".


Wouldn't it make more sense for Neurodes to drop from Jupiter, and Neural Sensors to drop from Earth?

Both drops just seem out of place.

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Drops in general need to follow this pattern.

Take the planet Eris - that's the only one they did right. Infested enemies, drop Nano Spores/Plastids/Neurodes. Phorid, charger with psychic abilities, drops Nyx parts.

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