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Wrong Teleport Volume Hydron (Sedna) [Fixed!]

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In the new update for Warframe on Hydron defense the floor resets player as if the player is falling off map. I also noticed that it was only on a small section of the floor on the whole map, and that it happened to the enemies as well. You can see it here: 


Thank you for all the work your team does on Warframe and keeping it a great game!



EDIT: If you are interested I have a whole playlist of glitches if you wanted to see them. The last 4/5 videos had to do with the second dream/ war within, and plains of eidolon stuff this past week.

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If you walk to the lowest point on the map you teleport like you fell off the map (see waypoint) Edit: Sorry i see this is now repost the other one wasnt there when i clicked create but i dont see a remove button

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Hello DE

Since the last update there is a new bug on Hydron Sedna.

When you go on the tileset on the lowest point possible down the stairs before a door (Picture 1) you get instantly warped next to the objective (Picture 2).


It happens to every player.

Atm not the whole map is accessable.

Thank you

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Okay so on the bottom floor of the right side of the map, and the top stairs going down to the north side are bugged, if you even dare to step on those you get restarted on the bottom floor next to the defence obj as if you fell through the floor, and yeah it counts as if you feel you loose all you current buffs and on going skills.

Here's where it happens:



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On the Grineer Galleon Defense Tileset. (ex. Hydron)

The lowest part of the tileset is now acting as out of bounds. Down the stairs near the large hole and the windowed corridor.

Entering this out of bounds area will teleport the player to the lower part of the defense objective room. Enemies also disappear when entering this zone.

(currently working on getting footage/gifs/images. Will update soon)

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