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Solar Warframe Idea


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Archangel, the Solar Warframe


“Created during an old war era to use faith to boost the morale of the Tenno fighting on the frontlines. With the constant fighting, all knowledge of the religion was lost, but Arch Angel remains a powerful support frame. Capable of acting as a frontlines energy supply as well as dispense many helpful boosts to the Tenno fighting alongside Archangel. The Archangel is still a potent warframe on its own, using the dual purpose of its powers to its advantage, it’s capable of being a force to be reckoned with.”


Power 1

Injection Laser

Fires off a low power energy beam that stumbles, damages, and pierces enemies. If a Tenno is hit by the beam, they absorb some of the Laser’s energy, replenishing their reserves. (This laser has a limited distance it can travel, however reach will increase it’s width. Innate Armor Ignore as it literally burns THROUGH the target to continue through them due to the penetration effect. Damage would be minimal, but useful for staggering and energizing other Tenno.)

Power 2

Flash Absorption

Archangel releases mobile solar drones that absorb nearby flashes of light in addition to ambient light, converting it to energy. This energy is then relayed through Archangel to other War frames close enough to Archangel to be linked in to its energy transfer beams, creating a constant shield regeneration effect. Solar Drones floating near Tenno outside of the link range will receive a damage reduction field generated by the Solar drone that strengthens based on the amount of light there is near them. (Gun flashes, grenade explosions, the Tenno’s powers such as Ember’s flames would be a light source, simple color effects like Mind Control would not be counted as light as it’s not really light but rather a special effect to mark them.)

Power 3

Power Within

Archangel’s power transfer links are optimized, generating additional power efficiency, shield regen, and damage for all war frames close enough to link in. (This power will NOT be given silly levels of extra damage like Rhino Roar, the purpose is to increase survivability in dangerous scenarios while providing damage boosts to the party. Duration is more important that burst for this power, so the damage value would be relatively low. I’m thinking somewhere between 10-25% at max rank, unaffected by Focus to prevent it getting any higher. Focus would instead grant higher shield regen.)


Power 4

Solar Wrath

Converts nearby light into a ball of extremely high powered energy. Upon entering its range, enemies are blasted by a laser of energy, creating a localized explosion of energy, knocking down enemies inside the radius of the explosion as well as slowing them a minimal amount from the shock of the explosion. Allies near the ball of Solar Wrath are given a constant slow shield regen that is not stopped by taking damage, in addition to a slight energy regen effect. (The purpose is mostly CC and support, the damage dealt wouldn’t be small, but wouldn’t be huge either. I’m still not sure where a good range for it would be, since the boost to the Tenno in addition to the CC is the major draw, the damage is basically supposed to be secondary. This ability WOULD group juggle within the radius until it expires, so the duration would have to be about ten seconds max, with a laser every 2-ish seconds.)



Archangel’s concept is to supply other frames with the power needed to handle difficult situations. The reason for the shield regen effect is essentially in staying power for the Tenno. When you start taking hits, the shields stay up longer because their being regenerated ‘endlessly’ (by that small effect which would be cumulative among all of Archangel’s powers). With the shields being held up, the energy regeneration is so that the Tenno can use their powers to manage the situation. While I know there are many who feel power is already too plentiful, or that it’s unnecessary considering you have a gun, this Warframe is based around the idea of supporting Casters. A lot of casters have minimal health and shield pools, so flat restores can’t keep them up, but a regen effect might do just enough to keep them from being too weak for higher content. As a supply frame, damage is wholly unnecessary, however, BORING. Why implement a frame that just taps one power to try and keep everyone juiced up?


It’s through the usage of all 4 abilities that Archangel would shine, and through using all 4 abilities that the squad would have the highest odds of survival. The number 1 would drop off in importance closer to the higher end of play, however would still be good to deal with enemies running in a straight line up a ramp or whatever else made them choose to line up for you, and stagger them so allies can finish the job, or so you gain that extra half second to think about your next move.


Art Concept

Dampening of light upon absorption into the Warframe for each of it’s abilities would be a must for creation of the ‘visual feel’ of the abilities, afterwards the light would kind of radiate outward since part of it’s being dispersed into the world.


I saw a picture a while ago, namely this one (

), while I was thinking about a solar warframe which spawned the idea for the Archangel warframe. As a side note, I don’t really overly think the above picture link would be a perfect idea for art implementation, I just think it would help get someone started.


As part of the design of the Warframe’s art, I’d like to take a look at wings like ‘Silver Wing’ from Accel World. (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mjbIF-wsUFI/T63W6S5EuVI/AAAAAAAADA4/nrtEf2Z6AXM/s1600/%255BUTW%255D_Accel_World_-_05+silver+crow+winged.PNG)

This would mostly be so that the Warframe power (Flash Absorption) could use those ‘drones’ as components for the wings while back on the Warframe. The idea of four of them stuck together on the back which ‘look like wings’ (not really, just if you were looking from a distance. They’d be metallic and oddly shaped since they’d really be 4 drones). Another good spot to look at would be the ‘Strike Freedom Gundam’ from Gundam Seed. The blue segments of the wings are actually deployable attack units that separate from the ‘wings’ while in use.

Strike Freedom Wings closed (this would be the form I’d think of mostly when implementing in game). http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server2900/073ea/products/918/images/12830/717LP7f8sNL._AA1500___26046.1357423351.1280.1280.jpg

Using units roughly the size of a sentinel would suffice to ‘build’ wing units that would



Closing thoughts

I know there’s been a lot of anti-wing sentiment as back units of any kind have more or less been shunned, however it fits the concept and I don’t think it would kill the ‘art concept’ of the game to have a back unit with deployable. Even if the DE can’t envision it within the realm of their game, they could still use the actual concept to make an amazing Warframe. The in-born squad focus on all its abilities would greatly support a team while offering a little something for the fun of the player of Archangel. The number 4 ability would also be quite visually impressive while providing significant support to a team.

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I find the lack of Sunlight spear depressing.

Praise the Sun! :P


Didn't really fit too well. I was trying to keep somewhat within current game mechanics and the majority of my envisioned animations are already used by other frames making it really simple to animate, the only exception being the mobile Solar Drones. There's a lot of things I could do with the whole Solar concept, but to me, aiming at 'Solar Power', basically, the green energy concept, made the warframe itself seem like it should be more energy supply orientated. Trinity alone can't supply a team with energy until LATE (gunning stuff down to fast kills Energy Vampire's usefulness atm), Archangel could supply it endlessly alongside a shield regen to buff squishies to surviable frames.


Simply put, it seemed less on the fantasy spectrum if I avoided the idea of giant light spears penetrating things with extreme prejudice. Warframe's more sci-fi, so fantasy doesn't really fit, which killed a significant section of ideas I had for other warframes. 

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