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(Bug Report) More Random Places


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 This time it was the corpus outpost that is taking the beating of my hidden places search. And until that oversized boss gives me the systems I am looking for, this place will keep seeing me with some frequency.


 I have found several places that players can get to by phasing through some walls. Other places are simply full of invisible walls and kind of a pain to go thru (probably simply because players are not supposed to be there).



 Here is the breakdown:


 0:00 - I always wanted to get there and see what was the deal with those doors, and I finally found a way. Not the way I was expecting and the place seems to have missing geometry


 2:12 - My clanmate found this one while we were messing around that place. We both went in on the first try, but seems to be lucky. It is quite hard to get in there... That container...


 3:25 - Looking for a way to get on that border over the door found another holographic rock


 4:20 - That place is full of invisible walls. I know we are not supposed to be there, but I wanted to chase down the familiar of the boss and take my revenge on it (give me my systems!!). That tower would be a nice place to hide something. There is a bunch of missing geometry as well.


 6:37 - Nothing serious. Just a random place that looks really pretty. I like how it looks, really. It also seems to resemble processor chips. I would like to see a room that looks like that.



 Self index


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