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[Guide/information] Playing With A Ps3 Controller.


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I didn't notice a Guide section or what not, so I made it here instead o3o







Hello everyone! Im sure some of you have noticed the game pad option where you can play Warframe with your xbox 360 controller.



My friends wanted to play with a ps3 controller and stated he couldn't cuz warframe wouldn't recognize PS3, only xbox 360. I, myself, was curious and I own a ps3 controller and I use my ps3 controller for multiple games regardless of what they are. SO! with that being said, I've played warframe on my ps3 controller for about a week now and let me tell you it's great (minus those pesky analog sticks that kills your thumbs!).


So if your a PS3 Controller lover and don't want to wait to get PS4 to play warframe, Here is a little hint/guide/information to start playing warframe with your ps3 controller today!


First, You need a USB cable and a PS3 Controller (MAKE SURE IT IS SIX AXSIS!) [blue text saying six asis is at the top of the controller]


Next, Plug your PS3 Controller's usb into your computer.


After the PS3 controller is connected, wait for your operating system to notice and install the device drivers for your PS3 Controller.


Now, you will need to download DS3_Tool by Motionjoy. I would supply links but I find it safer to wait for permissions from DE themselves for me to share links, but in the meantime you can google it.


After DS3 is fully installed, go to the DRIVERS tab, and check the box for your PS3 Controller. Now click Install and WAIT until it is 100% done, I know it can get confusing and stop but it will still load so make sure you read and make sure its 100% done!


Now, click the same checkbox and make sure it is checked and click LOAD DRIVER.


After this is done, click profiles and there will be a bullet point option for Emulating Xbox 360 Controllers. Click that and enable it.


Now test your controllers connection by pressing the Test vibration option, this will make your controller vibrate for a few seconds, if it doesn't vibrate either A: you don't have vibration in your controller, B: you set up the DS3 tool wrong, or C: Your PS3 Controller is NOT a Six Axis controller


Once it vibrates, your finished! go play warframe with your PS3 Controller and have a blast! (you can also set up keybindings to work what ever way you want!)


My current PS3 Controller bindings:


Holding L2 = Run
Holding L1 = Aim

Holding R1 = Fire

Holding R2 = Crouch

Up = Skill 1
Right = Skill 2
Down = Skill 3
Left = Skill 4
Select = Switch weapons
Triange = Sword
Circle = Action button
X = Jump
Square = Reload
L3 = Teamspeak/Toggle Run

R3 = Mark Area




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