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[Mission Type Concept] Aerial Assault


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This is an on-rails shooting level.



The Tenno are deployed by air ships to clear the area of enemies to allow for the delivery of an anti-material bomb which is being delivered by ground vehicle. 



How it works: Each player has their own ship which they cannot control,. The tools needed for the player are in the Gunner's seat. Each ship has its own unique weapon to use. The players will engage in aerial vs. ground combat and aerial vs. aerial combat. The Grineer and Corpus have anti-aircraft artillery as well as air ships of their own. Once the objective marker has been reached, they must extract a very important Orokin artifact from the base on foot before arming the bomb and escaping. For Infested Aerial Assault, the Tenno discover a new mutation in the Infested that allows them to fire off projectiles that infect whatever it touches. That includes the airships the Tenno are in.

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