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Extraction Energy



So you've probably been in a game where one of two of the players spam whatever abilities they can at the end of the mission while either waiting for people to arrive at extraction; or just to deplete their energy leftover.

The Warframe wiki states that a player recieves bonus affinity for each energy that they have left at the end of a mission. Now it's only 1 affinity per energy but for some that have maxed Flow; that could mean 300+ affinity gained.

Now my question lies with this; a player also gets warframe affinity by using their abilities. The wiki doesn't accurately say whether it has to hit something so I'll assume that it doesn't matter. It also doesn't say how much affinity one gets when using a power.

So, is it better to max out energy before reaching extraction or deplete it all?

This would only really apply to those that need to rank up their warframe of course.

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If you have time at extraction, might as well.

You don't lose anything, and gain (albeit extremely small) amounts of affinity.


If you're the last one to make it to extraction though, I wouldn't bother unless you have the means to QUICKLY deplete yourself to 0 (vortex/snowglobe/miasma/etc)

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