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Guide To Playing The New Nightmare Mode


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You seem to lack common sense and made a completely backwards assumption.



As you can see in the videos, it looks like he took your advice because there are multiple paths just like there are multiple green doors in one room.

What exactly am I assuming here? All I stated was that it is entirely possible to play without the minimap by using a consistent methodical process to find each door you need to go through.


Most mission types will only ever have one fork in the path at most. Those being  raid, assassination, capture, sabatoge, and deception. The only mission type with possible multiple branches is spy. Knowing this, you can account for multiple paths by keeping track of which fork you took and exploring each one sequentially.



Had a no map rescue that turned into data retrieval....3 data pads and 2 hrs later I gave up and I'm pretty @(*()$ stubborn....no map is pretty trollish every enemy was dead so it's not like I needed more "skill" to finish.

Spy missions are the only mission where no minimap can get aggravating, due to the 4 separate points and possible multiple forks in the layout. Though I will say that navigating a level is a skill, it's just not one you're used to being tested on in a game.

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