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PS4 Winter Platinum Sale - Extended for America Regions (January 10th - 17th)!


Hey PS4 Tenno! We're aware the Winter Platinum sale ended early for the America regions today. This is not intended and came as a surprise since the sale was originally scheduled to end January 4th. Once everyone is back in their seats in the new year, we'll gear up to rectify the issue asap!

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we're away from DE's home base. 

In the meantime, all related threads will be merged here so that we can keep you updated. Thanks y'all!  

Jan 3rd update: We have returned from Holidays and are working on a solution, and will keep you updated as information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience! 

Jan 10th update: I return to you with excellent news, Tenno. We just got word that the sale will return for America regions tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10th (sometime roughly around 2pm ET) and will be live until January 17th! 

We truly appreciate your patience as we worked to extend the sale for Amerca regions since it ended earlier than originally announced. Many thanks! 

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3 hours ago, (Xbox One)N7 Sinner said:

If this is the case, Xbox users like myself would have suffered as well. Microsoft also had winter deals going on at the time and their Platinum Sale went smoothly. The logical conclusion, then, is that the fault lies with Sony.The fact that they didn't pull the advertisement is on them. Sony was paid to place that ad and they refused to pull the ad once DE realized that something went wrong. The real problem is that some of the people complaining likely didn't pay attention and are here asking for Platinum that they believe is owed to them.

What you said made no sense and it sounds like your just trying to go with whatever the DEV team says. Sony does not control their Warframe's website. They never pulled their AD from their own site, so they can not blame sony. Now are you going to say Sony told them they could not pull the AD from their own site lmao? They came back from vacation and still did not pull it from their own website. Let me guess that it Sony's fault as well? See I can tell your a company fan boy the type that feels they can do no wrong because it easy to see they scammed gamers with this and this is how. They opened this forum early and could have told ps4 play sorry because of Sony pulling our sale off by mistake our platinum sale will be discontinued until we come back from vacation. Since as you stated they could not change Sony's in game AD then when you clicked on it in game and when it took you to their site (Warframe site) PS4 should have been removed from the site or said PS4 platinum cancelled at the moment. The reason why they did not do those things is obvious. They wanted gamers to feel as though it was a mistake and something that could be fixed so they would keep buying platinum. Scammers 

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Locking down this thread since the sale returned on Wednesday and discussions here have unfortunately derailed pretty severely. Thank you to those who kept the thread constructive and civil. 

As always, we appreciate your understanding! 

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