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Hey guys, so I was wondering if any of you could give me some insight with what are some good mods to put on certain frames. I'm not brand new first day to the game (I actually have 107 hours in woo) but I'm curious to what other people use on there frames.


I currently own (crafted all these bad boys exempt my starter Excal):









Banshee (building)


*Note, I truly feel that any mod with stamina or speed of the frame is optional and situational with what I'm actually running. i.e. I don't need to put a Rush mod on my Vauban if I'm running Defense*.


Excalibur- is pretty balanced with mostly everything. Max out his skills, Super Jump isn't necessary. I like Redirection, Continuity, Focus and Stretch..because if I'm not mistaken all of them effect his powers in some way. What about the last two slots ? 

Loki- Redirection if I'm in defense and Fast Deflection otherwise. I like to run FD just in case I start getting shot at, I can just go invisible and recharge shields, plus with a max'd out rush mod I can usually just run away from everything anyway. Continuity and Stretch the maximize is skill's range and duration. I almost have a Rush mod on this guy. I like the speed. Any other's you'd add on?


Ember- I like my ember tanky. She's not necessarily a tank, but you can build her as one. Redirection, Steel Fiber, Focus, Continuity and Stretch. Because of her ridiculous running speed I usually throw a Rush mod on her. But I was considering a Flow and/or Streamline to add on as well.


Vauban- I've noticed his low shields and decent health, but I feel adding Redirection or Vitality doesn't do much for him. Focus, Stretch and Continuity are a must. Flow and Streamline as well?


Banshee- *I'm gonna edit when I play with around with her* 

These are my personal build options and I'm curious to see what other people think. Give me all the criticism. I'd like to hear it.


*Oh 107 hours in and I've never seen a Flow OR Streamline mod. The RNG gods don't like me :( *

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I mean its your opinion honestly.  once you get flow, and streamline save up some cores and max them bad boys. add them to your current builds and you should be pretty set. for some warframe info check out "Playwarframe: on youtube (its DE's youtube channel) and akamikeb he also does warframe crash courses and is kinda funny! 

also try "thehiddenredcoat" he's pretty cool too

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ill be brutally honest when it comes to energy mods.

absolutely amazing... until you hit that one nightmare mode that drains your energy like a hobo finding the liquor cabinet.

my nova is built solely on her energy pool. we are talkin continuity, constitution, flow, streamline, stretch, and focus. anything and everything under the sun for energy with a maxed out energy syphon, and it all goes down the S#&$ter when you see that energy pool just disappear each time you pick up an energy orb.

just be careful what frame loadout you use when you go into a nightmare. glass shatters.

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