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Disabling Sentinel Mob


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What if infested Disrupters could do more than just disrupt you

But also your sentinel.

It would be a passive ability, like how infested healers just heal automatically

It would be a red aura that, once caught in it, would temporarily disable all sentinel functions

for X amount of time. Most people have sentinels anyway so it would make disrupters

even more "deadly" in a way.

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So the 6 or 7 different effects disruptors deal on-hit aren't enough for you or something? >_>


A sentinel disabling effect is a neat idea, but the notion that disruptors aren't deadly enough is something I just can't agree with.

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No, no and no once again. Disruptors already knock down, drain energy and drain shields. So you're as vulnerable as is practicably possible in this game with absolutely no ability cushion to recover with. Sure, you can block their disruption attack, but that's assuming they haven't knocked you flat on your butt before that with their main tentacle strike. Disruptors don't need any sort of buff.

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disruptors are there to scare energy wielders back.

toxics are there to scare tanks back.

they have plenty of power to hit both sides of the table, and you want them to hit harder?

they both kill their respective targets with great ease and with little to no help from other infested. they dont need a buff, as they are fine the way they are, if not complete A******S WHEN THEY HIT YOU AROUND A CORNER!

... hate smart infested...

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