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Expanding The Alert System


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We all see the Alert system as a big RNG system. What I want to expand is a semi-guaranteed Alert system being mixed into the current system. I call this the "High Priority Alert System".


High Priority Alert System will have a unique trigger requirement. This requirement can be things from "X thousand Exterminate mission completed" or "Collected Y hundred thousand of Resource Z", the requirements can be done however DE wishes. Once a requirement is completed, a 1 day High Priority Alert status will be issued. During this status, a unique 1 hour alert will keep appearing every 1 hour (the next automatically starts when the previous alert ends). These alerts only occur on points where related effects can be done (IE: If Exterminate mission requirement was achieved, the alert will pop up only on points where Exterminate mission normally are at; if Resource Z mission requirement was achieved, the alert will pop up only on points where Resource Z could be found). These alert missions require a special action to be done by the players (Exterminate Special requires the killing of specific enemies by a count (and they spawn at the maximum of that count as well; Resource Special would require specific acts, like undetected kills or melee kills, to be done to cause enemies to drop unique resources meant for mission count). Completing these HPA alerts will grant unique new rewards normally unobtainable in the normal alert system (or anywhere in the planet).


It's just a rough thought and I am yet to tidy my post up so thank you for gritting through the mess of information. Any thoughts on this?

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