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Supra Accuracy (My Experience)



A lot of people, when talking about supra, says that its a spray gun, and because of that, its not as good as people claim it to be. However, It's extremely powerful, and if you actually hit your target, it does wonders.


I've had my supra for a while now, and Ive learned how to aim with it, so I can kill stuff in the 1st or 2nd shot (for the most part) even on longer distance.


So I took a set of screenshots, showing how the supra fires when bursting, and 1 with full automatic. From those pictures, you'll notice that the supra actually aims outside the crosshair, outside the lower left corner. And if you aim with that, and get a feeling to the pattern, you can end up hitting most the time.


From this method, Ive gotten more hits, and I waste A LOT less ammo. I hope this will help other people that are unhappy about the spray of the supra:









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Hahaha! When I use Boltor, the spread on the first and second shots also go slightly to the left. Cant wait to get to Mastery 7 and get Supra =D

yea its an amazing weapon. Good damage and all. And if you have the new ammo mod for rifle, it works amazing with supra. Ammo wont be a problem on a defense mission

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I'm assuming your coming in late with regards to the Supra, I say that because when it first came out the accuracy was horrible even at close range, and I mean someone standing next to you. After I think update 9 they finally fixed it, along with a speed increase as well as for the Dera. Now I use the Supra all the time and if you get that new Warframe utility you can see what loadout gives you the best bang for your buck for it.:)

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