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Resource Alerts - Host Always Gets Half.


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These new resource alerts always give the host half the reward the other 3 get.


For example if you host a plastids alert, you'll get 300 while everyone else in the group will get 600.


This can't be intended right?



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It really sucks that the rare alerts only typically give one or two anyway (I've only ever gotten one): should be bumped up to at least 5 per alert, imo, to make it worth actually running


Worse, I see this trend while running normal missions as well: the host get's 1 control mod, while clients get 2 or 3, typically (as an example).  There are exceptions (like once, the host got 3 while everyone else got just 1), but usually that's how it is during my runs.


Either way, how many resources every person in a cell gets should be the same for each drop!

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