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Hello everyone! I'm in the game since closed beta and when I first played it I loved it (also brought my friends and my father to the game :D). Currently I'm playing the game very rarely because my hard drive broke after like 7-8 years of usage and I can't power up my PC but hoping to get new hard drive so I'll be able to play Warframe again.


I'm 17 years old (will be 18 on December 30th) from Poland. Interested in music, gaming, literature (haven't read any good book for years :< ), military stuff and little bit of cooking and I'm also making my first steps in Paper'n'Pencil RPG. I'm studying tourism and I speak English pretty good. I'm playing video games as long as I remember (my first game was Wolfenstein 3D and I played it for the first time when I was 5 years old) and... that's for me ;)


Hope to see you in game! :D

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