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Air Elemental Warframe


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Warframe: Draft (Taking name suggestions)


Warframe Description:

Draft is a mobile Warframe with a lot of crowd control potential, as well as some supportive capabilities that can help both himself, and his allies in battle. Although he lacks the potential to take damage or deal damage, he can help himself from getting into danger, or rather make his allies become more strategic on the battlefield.



Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Physique: Light weight, muscle.



Health: 75(225 at rank 30)

Power: 150(225 at rank 30)

Armor: 10

Shield capacity:75(225 at rank 30)

Sprint speed: 1.2

Polarities: 4x 17px-Ability.png2x 19px-Bar.png

Aura polarity: 19px-Bar.png


Warframe Advantages: Fast, energy sufficient, high crowd control, hard to pin down, supportive.

Warframe Disadvantages: Low armor, health, and shields, almost useless in combat by himself, not capable of doing much damage, or sustaining much.


Ability 1: Zephyr blade

Energy: 25

Details: Draft quickly sends out a horizontal blade of wind that slashes through multiple enemies, dealing moderate damage, and pushing back enemies a small distance.

Upgrades: Upgrading this ability increases it's radius and damage.

Advantages: Large horizontal radius, shot out very quickly, pushes enemies back a small distance, very energy efficient, can hit multiple enemies.

Disadvantages: Can be dodged by jumping, does not go very far, does not deal very much damage.


Ability 2: Wind enclosure

Energy: 55

Details: Draft shoots an air-based projectile out of his hand that bursts on conact, creating an impassible barrier of wind that traps enemies inside. Enemies can still attack while trapped inside. Allies can still walk in and out of barrier. lasts 3/4.5/6 seconds.

Upgrades: Upgrading this abilities increases it's duration and area of effect.

Advantages: Wide area of efect, traps enemies inside, ranged projectile, can be used more than once at a time, gap closer.

Disadvantages: Not very energy efficient if used too frequently, enemies can still attack you, certain enemies can escape such as grineer commanders(switch teleport) Stalker(teleport) Captain Vor(teleport) aswell as other players with similar abilities when engaging in pvp.


Ability 3: Composed flight

Energy: 80

Details: Draft changes the flow of air by slowing down the movement speed of all enemies by 20%, while increasing the movement speed of all allies within it's area of effect by 20%. lasts 5/6/7 seconds

Upgrades: Upgrading this abilty increases its duration and area of effect.

Advantages: Large radius, very supportive ability, both a debuff, and buff.

Disadvantages: Cannot be used while already activated.


Ability 4: Gale storm

Energy: 110

Details: Draft unleashes a large cyclone that moves forward and sucks enemies towards the center, dealing damage over time. Lasts 6/7.5/9 seconds.

Upgrades: Upgrading this ability increases it's duration and damage.

Advantages: Large area of effect, very high crowd control, almost impossible to escape when close by, makes enemies an easier target, lasts quite a while.

Disadvantages: Very slow, Enemies can still attack while being sucked in, cannot be used more than once at a time, moves in only one direction, potentially away from certain enemies.


Overall view:

Overall, this warframe is not meant to sustain very much damage or deal very much without decent weapons, but instead is meant to be fast and very strategic with allies. combining both crowd control, and support abilities, this warframe becomes almost impossible to pin down.

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