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Instead Of Removing Raid... Improve It!


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Though I can imagine the raid artifact turning out to be an Orokin beacon that attracts the infested to the level...



be awesome if it pulls special infested into the game regardless of Corpos/Grineer.

than we can have our 3-way fight, maybe make both faction target Tenno carrier.

u know... prevent the enemy from stealing the artificial?? and for the infested, they wants more orokin tech to multiple?

so if the artifical carrier got downed, the Grineer/Corpos will bring it back to where it came from (the container-like thingy) and for the infested will take it n run away (their own extraction point) and u fail the mission. 


during the down period, while in Grineer/Corpos/Infested hands or paws, it will official be a 3-way fight.


long story short: TAG mission.

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