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I couldn't find any where better to post this.


Load-outs- There needs to be some sort of load-out for your warframes. For instance when i change frames i want it to change weapons and sentinels.

For example I like using the glaive with my loki the paris with my banshee and the boltor with my Excalibur and the shade with my trinity and death cube with everything else.


Along with loadout idea have the color for your weapons able to be different for each frame. For example if i use a different color scheme for each frame i want my weapons to match my current frame or maybe i want my weapons to be a different color for each frame. so basically im saying everything needs to change with the warframe kind of like loadouts. Even down to the mods on the weapons and sentinels.


Chat needs reworked. needs to be easier to tell if some one is trying to talk to you. For instance If im in a mission and people in my clan are talking i would like to be able to have an option to let it flash or something if they are talking in clan and vice versa if i have clan chat selected i want it to flash when some one in squad talks.


Whispers need to be more of a message thing then just pop up in the chat window you are in such as a separate window for each person you are having a private convo with or at least give the option to clear out past whispers or something like that.


Ability to chat from anywhere such as when you are in the arsenal not just in the map. chat frame also need priority when open nothing behind the chat frame should be clickable as it is now. if a planet or mission is behind the chat frame and you click the mouse click clicks through the chat frame.


The names in the chat frame need to be right clickable instead of having to try and find the name in the side or try your best to spell their name right. The right click menu doing that needs to have the option to add as friend invite to squad invite to clan if you have the ability to do that and ignore to add them to a blacklist so you cant see them talk.


Last thing would be a training room. somewhere you can go and kill enemy's of your choice but gain no affinity from the kills so you can test weapons and frames without risk of using a revival should also have infinite energy to try out abilities

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In dojo a loadout function would be nice and then not need to exit all the time and change and back. The chat currently works but really needs improvements there coz sometimes chaotic and annoying when you are in missions. Or click on the image before the name or the name and a function list where you can send different type of message and do something. This things would be good also in dojo when you open a squad menu and whom in dojo you can send message and not need open it all the time the chat window. How about the zooming map and room names? That things would be really useful coz sometimes we miss where we want to go.

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Another idea for the load out kind of thing. Possibly having an automation to swap out mods and stuff depending on what enemey you are fighting or what you are doing. for instance to swap out something with the fire mod when going against something you know is going to give out fire damage or being able to switch something out with master thief when you are planning on farming mats stuff like that.

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