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Avasto Avasto Avasto Avasto !


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DE, you have to give us Avasto, ist just required 


is you get a revolver the fist thing you think of is a second one and its the same with vasto so




btw if you really didnt get it avasto is vasto in each hand



Tenno out....

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I would buy them so hard... The mouse click would be audible from at least 2 rooms away... I would no longer feel so sad that there is no aklato prime




Edit: Complete with Gun twirling awesomeness 

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Am I the only one who cares about the long term here? Sure an even more powerful weapon will be added, thus making the weaker ones worse and worse in comparison so it will not be used. Then even more powerful weapons will be added which will make the older stuff seem worse and eventually only the newest stuff is usable as the game gets balanced towards the weapons most people use, the powerful new ones. DE need to fix this powercreep as it is probably the games biggest problem, or if not in the top 3 with the bad drops turning this game madly pay to win and the repetitiveness of this game.

Edit: I really hope somebody from DE sees this, or at least a grand master who can report it too them if they have the ability to, as I love Warframe but it's getting harder for me to log on everyday. Hopefully once I reach higher mastery I can start using fun weapons again instead of the Dual Skana, Sicarus, Kraken, Paris, Burston etc but the things I mentioned above are a far bigger problem.

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Aww, "powercreep, powercreep". "Powercreeper no powercreeping!"


Who cares?


You've got obscenely powerful weapons in the form of Clan Weps already. Why are there people without them? Because they take a bajillion of everything to build. Even a freaking Forma. This is how RPGs work. There are always weps that are harder to obtain, that are also much more powerful.


Also, Dovahjim, you're using the Dual Skana? It's got the same stats as the regular skana. There are far superior melee weapons that require insignificant farming. The Kraken? It's a close-range Lex. Try to use it at the same range, and half your rounds will be wasted. Same thing with Sicarus. Same thing with Burston. IMO, bursters are only good at mid/close range. Otherwise, you end up wasting ammo. They're billed as this amazing middleground between autos and semis, but they suck for both purposes. Probably the only good wep you mentioned is the Paris. Dood, you might as well get a Boltor. Same effects, but full auto. Sure, not as accurate, but you can't be accurate with an arrow that slow in the first place, unless it's a stationary target.


I want AkVasto. I want AkLex. I want AkSicarus. I want Dual Kraken. Make them happen, because I want to use such weapons for fun and for mastery.

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