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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

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First of all thanks for all the wonderful updates ! Love u guys :inlove:

My favourite warframe moment ? Ah ! After all that grinding , the feeling to own the Tier 3 AMP was most fascinating but it turned out to be meh! please increase the AMP's damage output so we use operators more often .

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Honestly, my favorite memories of Warframe are a four-way tie between when I first toggled on Ember's World on Fire to watch my enemies fall before me, had Ivara prowl through Corpus laser sensors with the Infiltrate mod keeping the alarms quiet, flew with Titania as well as Archwing ground-side, and when I was able to use Zenurik's Energy Overflow alongside the Rejuvenation aura mod on any of my warframes with/without assistance from Cephalon Suda's syndicate proc. Good times.

Aside from wondering if we'll see snow on the Plains, my question is whether or not we'll see the development of a female warframe that does cold-damage like Frost and Ice Chroma? Maybe even include a wolf theme or have her be the sister of Ember? Not sure how that would work though to be honest.

Edit: Oops. You said favorite memory of 2017. In that case, I'd have to say the ground-side Archwing. Sorry.

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I forgot that DE wanted my favorite memory of 2017.
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1. Are we getting the 2 hand katana this year?

2. Can we expect a feature to make our Prime weapons look normal like we can do on Warframes?

Or even vice versa? I love the look of Cernos Prime but I prefer the Rakta Cernos so I would like to have the look. Or maybe even further be able to use skins of other bows/weapons. Like how the Dryad skin applies to all bows, would like to have that with primes and normals and mutalist weapons etc. Ofc with some limitations and conditions, maybe having ranked the weapon to 30 to unlock it's skin or using a system like the imprints we use on kubrows and kavats.

3. Are there plans for an in-game auction house feature?

Many new players get scammed for one and trading is a lot of hard work and research to do just to be able to get some plat for warframe/weapon slots.

And also I as a returning player get a riven mod and I can not put a price on it or spend hours/days spamming trade chat and researching websites


Favourite Warframe Moment

It has to be the release of PoE. It felt wonderful to get some challenging content outside of sorties and brush the dust of some hardly used warframes because they had some skills that would be wicked in the great outdoors or eidolon hunts.


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Dear Rebecca,

I think your team does a fantastic job of interacting with the community, but when you highlight user creations, there's a definite bias towards the artistic. There are many tools that people have created to make players' lives easier, but I don't think I've ever seen any of them mentioned on Prime Time or the Dev Stream.

There's also very little we can do to interact with the game's data. Worldstate and the drop tables are a good start, but it'd be nice to be able to access player account information (inventory, profile, etc.) or equipment stats. Could we get some APIs to access more information from the games?


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  1. When are we going to get that orokin sculpture on old man zuumbat's desk?
  2. When are we going to rebuild relays?
  3. When is the kingpin system ready???? I am more excited about that then I was about PoE. :surprised:
  4. Can we please be able to melee with the fishing spear out like we can with the mining tool?
  5. After a host migration (especially in the plains) the game breaks in so many ways. Can you guys take a look at that piece of code? I can show you any number of examples.
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As always, my question for Geoff (and possibly Steve):

IK on Warframes?

In comparison to Warframes more modern contemporaries, this particular aspect of waframe does sorely lack. Is there any intent to bring more modern techniques into Warframe's animation system?

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I have a few questions/suggestions for you guys:

  • is there a plan to include foundry and focus menus in cetus (and possibly on every relay)?
  • is there a paln to include focus school selection directly in the arsenal?
  • any info on zephyr deluxe progress?
  • any progress/plan for hydroid and mirage (released, yay) prime cinematics?
  • Any plan on releasing exalted weapons stats? Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, looking forward to the stream!

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Pretty disappointed with focus 2.5.  Are more iterations in the works or are we moving on with our lives?


Personally, I'd say the Eidolon fight was the best thing added to the game this year, maybe last year too.  The clan tech weapons added this year were also awesome, with only a few exceptions.

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Hi Team,

Will we ever see The Index change so that the round ends after reaching the capture points goal? 

Besides the timer ending making the levels feel exponentially more grindy, they actually open the door for being trolled. 

I wish I had taken a screen shot.. but I had a couple tenno take the Medium risk index up over 300 points to troll. It was a more than 30 minute round that I was stuck in waiting else leave and forfeit the wager. 

I admit this is rare but I've seen it happen more than a few times now and it's very frustrating when it happens. 

Best memory was definitely the first terralyst fight (though it now kinda feels like tenno poaching a mythical creature..haha) 

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Why are there costs involved with the Focus tree's ? Abilities like Void Radiance increase the cost of Void mode beyond the point of usefulness completly locking out the next ability Void Strike.. Lightning Dash while a great ability limits the usage of Void Dash as mobility ALL other Dashes need to be buffed.. not one of them being Nerfed..

There are alot of Reports that Phoenix Spirit/Talons doesnt affect Warframe Abilities at all..

When will Dyes for Fishing be fixed ? currently there is a very nasty bug that stops them from working occasionally.. i personally believe it to have something involved with multiple timers but your deconstructor is not removing the correct timer.

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I'd swear I remembered something about Year of Clan or Dojo or something of that sort... whatever happened with that? Will we be getting any additional reasons to go to our Dojo at any point, such as using it as a shared base / home or...?

Favorite Warframe 2017 Memory: When we were told there would be clan updates.

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