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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

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Will DE offer some type of recompense, fix or alternative compromise for those of us that watched the Game Awards / Twitch event and got nothing for it?

(In my own experience, I opened a ticket and was told that there's nothing DE can do about it...check your twitch/warframe account linkage and wait for the next drop event).  

This was a very very poor and disappointing response to an obvious issue between Twitch and DE; being told to "try again" is not the way to handle this.

I respectfully ask; will you address this during your last Devstream? :)

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Hello fellow Tenno,

As the year comes to an end and I reflect on my favorite Warframe moment, the first thing that comes to mind are my friends. 

Logging into the game is fulfilling, but sharing epic moments and fun times during dreaded daily spy missions and the Stephano defense map with my guild mates makes the time all that more enjoyable. I wanted to thank the Warframe team for their creativity and endless commitment to both the game and their fans. Have a great holiday and watch out for the lotus!!!!! She knows when your awake and when your sleeping, so be good for Tenno sake :0!! 


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1) I figure you get the Zephyr rework question a lot, but since she's my favorite frame, I'm inclined to ask: what kinds of things can we expect, if you've had any time to put it on the table?

2) Are there plans to introduce more Archwings, Archwing mission nodes, mission types, and/or weapons? With the limited mission variety, I don't see much reason to use them outside of the Plains (keeping in mind I haven't touched The Jordas Verdict yet) and leveling them up feels like much more of a chore than it is for my Warframes.

3) As a console player who won't have Focus 2.5 for a while, is there any purpose to using lenses for different schools now that the Focus pool between those schools is shared?

EDIT: 4) Thoughts on making a Noggle of Teshin? Please?

As for my favorite Warframe memory of the year... I just got the 50-day milestone, so that's not a whole lot of time for memories. I'd have to rank three things about equally: the end of The Second Dream, when you're facing down Sentient fighters with nothing but a giant laser and the launcher music; The War Within segment after the first Kuva Fortress visit; and building up my kit for Zephyr. That's not particularly as awe-inspiring as the first two, but building my way up to being able to get in, ragdoll the room with Divebomb Vortex, one-shot them with my Tigris, and get out having barely been shot? Plus the absolute style of the Hagoromo skin and Naru syandana? Very personally satisfying.

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Thought up another question
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I'll Keep thing kinda Simple~ Except for the last Question.

1. Zephyr Deluxe and Rework - Anything new floating around the office?..

2. Hydroid Prime Trailer?

3. 3rd door for the Orbiter When? Also can we finally get the docking animation XD I need this stuff DE... Oh and Could we get more windows?...

4. Could the Dynamic Weather System be implemented onto normal Earth tiles?

5. Venus Open World. Is the Plan for the next landscape to have it larger with more towns/safe zones (e.g. One Big Cetus and one Little Cetus that would have different things happening in it..)? Is this also going to be coming with a remaster/replacement of the current Venus Tileset? - As it is currently Venus should not have snow even if the Orokin have some serious Teraforming Technology. While I am aware of the "No plans for remastering" I feel like if you are working on the landscape for the planet it only seems fitting that it would get a remaster.

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Any possibility still of putting Arcane Enhancements on additional cosmetic options like chest, shoulder, or leggings? In addition, is there a chance to allow each major Tenno cosmetic slot (Arm, chest, legs, and helmet) instead of just chest and helmet?

As far as best Warframe memory? Claiming Oberon and doing Void Key missions with my later clan-mates and occasional allies

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9 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream103_1080p.jpg2017’s Final Devstream is coming! Join us this Friday, December 15th for Devstream #103.

Who:  Rebecca, Steve, Sheldon, Scott & Geoff are here to say goodbye until 2018!  

What:  We will be taking a look at Warframe’s last major Update of the year (hopefully.. if things go according to plan) which includes Khora and so much more! We will also be running another Twitch Drops test – how it’ll go, nobody knows! Tune in to participate in the Drop campaign which requires 30 minutes of cumulative Devstream viewtime with a Twitch Linked account. What is the drop this time around? Exilus Adaptor, round 2. Let’s do this, Tenno.
Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Mirage Prime Access!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Join us this December 15th at 2 p.m ET!  

This thread closes at 10 a.m. on December 15th – get your questions in! We ask you for your favourite Warframe 2017 Memory in addition to a question! As many of us will begin our holidays, we’d love to reflect on your favourite Warframe moment of 2017 so we can create more of the positive experiences in 2018. We know 2017 hasn’t been a perfect year of course, Tenno. Sometimes knowing what you loved is just as important as knowing what you didn’t like (which we’ve got lists and lists of).



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My favorite moment four 2017 in Warframe was the Oberon Prime Trailer.

It's my favorite “Prime Trailer” so far; not to be confused for a Trailer that introduces a New Warframe that honor is reserved for Harrow; yet, I digress.  The Easter eggs reveal of a new enemy type and the music, OMG it was truly captive and alluring. I can't wait to see what Hydroid Prime Trailer will be.

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I love playing your game and enjoying the experience I have with my clan! I'm just wondering...what's the future of Warframe and the clans going to be like? Will there be any new enemies and new expansions of free roam later? Will there ever be another graphics overhaul to other tilesets like the one you did with Earth?

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Hello De 

I have been playing warframe since second dream I love this game. I main excalibur ( I have all frames except mirage prime) although i have been using Gara for a while (RIP GARA) i have 2 questions

1. Do we have an update on excal umbra since excal prime got thrown out the window

 2. Can we expect an update on dual-wielding system i would love to use gun and sword or machete ( Possible nikana prime maybe)  

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Regarding Warframes:
Will Design Council ever get the chance to invent more weapons and Warframes like Nova again and show it off to the Devs/Art team, kind of like a contest?
Pls gib Inaros Anubis alert.
Will you make Tennogen previews available in the standalone PC launcher?

Regarding Weapons:
Got any plans for Scythe- like weapons with longer poles (or sticks, or handle grip thingies)?
Could we get a stance for Hirudo or Kogake that looks like dancing? I'd love to gracefully maim enemies like an aggressive figure skater lol.
Tenno shotgun when?
Pls buff Akjagara.

Regarding Operators:
MORE VOICES WHEN? I'd love to have my operator have an accent some day. (Or voice sliders like the Sims lmao)
Can we have voice lines when we're in Cetus/Plains? Instead of being really silent the entire time and repeating what we say after 5 minutes.



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adding on
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Will there ever update certain power descriptions. For example, Nova's nullstar now has 5% damage reduction on her HP per orb. Nowhere in game is this represented, nor do we know if the 5% is affected by powered strength.

Will there be touches on Titania's lantern to be a more controlled and reliable CC tool? If the target flies off away from enemies, it's a wasted ability and energy. Like wise, will there be touches on Tribute so it's not so energy intensive to up keep and cumberson to collect. Lastly, can we please have innate vacuum in Razorwing so Titania isn't forced to fly an inch of the ground to collect loot.

You plan on updating the status effect of impact and puncture. Will you also update the effect of other status procs such as cold and magnetic?

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My favorite Warframe moment in 17 was the big weapon balance pass in Update 20 and the Naramon nerf that came with PoE.

Q: While Operation plague star was enjoyable both from a lore and gameplay side, some people had speculated that it was meant to reveal a reworked Phorid boss. Since that turned out not to be the case, may I ask how far along Phorid is in the pipeline, and if he's planned to be released in conjunction with other new content(tileset, enemies, mechanics, etc.)


Q2: What's the significance of the "Intrusion detected" popup during hacking, and when will Orokin locations get their own hacking mini game?


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Question: Will we be getting an icy corpus open world map? That would be amazing!!

My favourite memories this year are watching the plains and umbra reveals online for Tennocon, playing conclave with my friends and watching more of my friends become addicted to warframe XD.

Merry Christmas!

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Could we get a look at Continuous weapons, please? They're currently the weakest weapon category by game mechanics alone:

-They are affected the least by multishot, not gaining critical or status chance. They don't even get multiple numbers like multishot on normal weapons.

-They are capped by Status per second, requiring 200% just to deal 1 status per 2 seconds. With the upcoming plans to how 200% status and beyond will work, there WILL be a need to revisit how status works on continuous, so now's a good time.


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A new quest unlocking such could result in the Operators themselves having a lvl of their own, augmenting their chosen Warframes. I think it'd would be to cool to have a different set of powers that are based on your equipped Warframe while in Operator mode, including passives... For example, w/ Nekros, the 'soul punch' button (1) could be used to direct his death squad to attack/move in a particular direction... Basically a second set of abilities, aside from the Void powers. It would lend immensely to the idea of Operators being more versatile in combat.

Also, a step away from the sort of mystical aspect of the themes in the game would be nice. More SciFi, of the cold, technological sort, plz. Expand the Corpus; make them more than just "a cult worshipping money". Considering some of their backstory, it seems that they're actually some sort of offshoot of the Orokin, albeit a late one. It would be a great way to re-introduce the transference ability, to be able to jump into some sort of Orokin machines, bastardized by the Corpus...

For a more simpler request: give us the Focus/Operator menu while in Cetus so we can muck with our tree/appearance without having to go back to the Orbiter. It'd also be helpful so we can actually look at the legs when choosing greaves.

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