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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

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3 minutes ago, DarkShadow195 said:

Has there been any new talk about what's in the future for clan dojos? I just made my own clan, and I would love for the dojo to be more than it is right now. I feel like it's missing something.

I feel like clans and the dark sector mechanics were supposed to be a sort of nod to EVE online; where there were ton of exo-planets outside the solar system, just waiting to be discovered... Randomly generated worlds to populate an extended star map, for a continuous world and long-term gameplay.

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Any update on the Megalyst? :D

Edit: Also Operator Amps are really bad versus armor as there is no option to mod them for elements. Could it be made so that Amps bypass armor completely? 

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Hey guys, just a few things that have been on my mind lately:


1. I really LOVE some of the alt helmets and tennogen helmets available in the market.  As an older player I also have some fantastic Arcane helmets that alter Warframe stats (pre-update 10).  I feel kinda bummed having to use the older helmets and miss out on some fantastic other cosmetic choices just to be able to keep the stats of my items.  Would it be possible to potentially transmogrify our helmets to have a different appearance so we could use the other helmets?  Maybe a blueprint for the Arcane helmets that uses them as an ingredients to create another helmet of our choice?


2. Any news on new dojo stuff?  New decorations and rooms would be awesome!


Edit: 3. Can we get a listing of Nightmare missions in the Nav UI?  I've been helping new clanmates farm nightmare drops and finding them on the map is a pain. 


Thanks guys, see you at Tennocon '18!

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Will there be any new scythe stances or changes in the near future? The combination of short range and clunky stances make scythes "unfun" to use. Maybe they could be treated like the dark split sword and allow them to have heavy blade stances to make them have a larger model/reach? 


Any time frame on the tenno shotgun?

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Just a couple of suggestions. 

1. It would be nice to use the Warframes as decorations in the Orbiter and place them in different positions like, kneeling down or even Stances like Titania's.

2. A nightmare version for Sorties. Also making sorties repeatable. Doesn't have to an unlimited amount, maybe up to 3x a day.

3. Adding the ABC rotation to Sorties.

4. Improving the AI of enemies overall. 

5. Suggestion for Magnetic damage: Magnetic damage could jam the weapons of enemies.

6. Suggestion for Cold damage: Cold damage can freeze enemies. Once frozen enemies can be shattered.

Lastly, I love the game, great job. Thank you for all your  hard work.

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Best Moment of 2017

It has to be The Plains Reveal, the amount of Hype I had was unfathomable.

I've been playing Warframe since U7 and ever since I wanted open World in the Game, I've watched this game go from a Simple 3rd person shooter, to one of the most unique games ever created!



Steve awhile back Talked about other players being able to visit each others Ships, I would just like to know if that is still planned or has that Idea been Scraped?

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I'm new to the gameso I wont be able to ask much, but with about a months worth of experience I can honestly say for new players theres not much we can do early game for Catalysts and Reactors It would be nice if there were more ways maybe more alerts that give them

my favorite thing in the game is just the whole farming aspect love sitting in a survival match for 20-30 minutes or even longer its fun all the shiny duplicates teehee

one thing i hope changes is my ability to join squads... for some reason i cant join a quad on ship or dojo but i can when a match starts basically all i cant do is trading wich alot of players make their plat trading unfortunately im at a standstill i want to buy mods and stuff but cant so heres my question...could you make a global trading post where we dont have to be in a squad make it cost like 1,000,000 credits to enter the ship for a first time and set a 10-20% tax on all trades give it a rewards system where you earn rare items for each milestone made so like 100 200 300 400 500 1000 1500 ect ect and make it so we dont have to go to peoples dojos unless we really want to for trading

after some research i notices Maroos bazaar but i still stand my the milestone/rewards system that i mentioned might make maroos a more hopping place 

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Can we get Primary Focus set/saved as an option in Warframe load outs?

I can''t tell you the number of times I have started a mission and realized "damn, I forgot to change to Focus school X"


Also, how do we donate to the beer fund for dev stream.  I really feel sorry when I see you guys drinking such horrible mass produced beers on the stream.

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My Favorite memory with a bit of backstory

i got hit by a car that leaved me with a EXTREME lower back (L5,S1) pain condition 24/7 i constantly would faint because of the pain/exaustion but not only it sucked to be trapped in my bed for 6 years the doctors also dint believe i had pain, turns out im a very very unique and rare case where everything phisically speaking is ok but the source of my pain just couldnt be explained and there are cases where it has happened so im not the only one.

so.. my medical insurance proceed to do every other test to see if im trully lying to avoid paying for all that stuff they wanted to do for that same reason.


Worst memory

last year they hospitalized (Hospital Angeles) me to do EVEN MORE TEST but this time that would give me even more pain, this time i was like a prisioner and they where allowed to do anything to me to see if im trully lying, and my pain increased too only some drugs could actually HELP me with pain but not make it dissapear, netherless i would still lose conscience because of pain. (they used vallium because they actually managed to almost killed me from pain killer overdose while i was there)

..they tortured me to so many levels at one point the specialist in charge gave instructions to move me in a brute way and make me feel horrible pain and then conduct me a test where they pierce your nerves and send electricity to receive feedback of the amount of pain and later they leaved me screaming like an animal for 5 hours, sometimes i have nightmares and i can feel the pain of that day and when i wake up i can still feel it.


Best memory

we sued them and won.  i was in the national news and a very good doctor did the surgery on oct 18th 2016 and it took me a while but now i live with ZERO pain. its been awesome i finally finished high school because back then even tough im smart and i like to study i couldnt quite make it and always failed mostly because assitanse... and thats it!


Ps:. if someone want to hear more about my pain experience or want to know more about the surgery or the name of the doctor please let me know i will gladly talk more about it because living with pain is very hard.. even live if the devs want to. :thumbup:

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Question: Are there any plans for new Staff Stances? The two we have now are nice but don't feel quite as mobile as the Polarm stances.

Question 2: Could the stances from Conclave be brought over to the PvE side of things? The stances that are PvP only look and generally feel very nice but it is a bit of a let down that these nice Stances are only for a mode that is hardly played anyway; meaning these stances aren't getting much love.

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Favorite memory: The sheer awe of being in the audience of Tennocon and seeing the reveal of PoE. the energy in the room was amazing and i never felt more proud to be a tenno.

Question time:  The damage cap of discharge.... can you go into details of why it did not go away, and what would need to happen to the ability (possible tweaks) to make the cap go away?

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My question is, just how long do we have to wait for you to include Oberon's non-prime attachments in Oberon Prime's attachments list, so we can actually use the non-prime skin without it looking like garbage?  This is an awfully trivial task to have held off correcting for, what, the entire length of Oberon Prime's availability?  You teased us recently with at least a "None" option, except that it didn't work and got patched back out again anyway.  Why can't Oberons 'None"?  Frost Prime gets a "None".

Also, maybe globally shift the Tekko towards the wrist so they don't look so stupid on every frame in the game, but no need to get crazy here.

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6 hours ago, UrielColtan said:

Uh, there are all of two corrupted melee mods so I don't know what you are talking about, one of them is channeling based so that especially didn't get much use. 

How about making both shooting and melee useful instead of having to make it one over the other? Just because you don't like hacking and slashing does not mean the game should just be a shooter. Melee has been in the game since the beginning, were you wanting them to just be glorified nerf bats this whole time? How pointless. We need a serious fall back for when ammo is scarce bruh, we are also space ninja, we should have exciting physicality and martial prowess.  Varied abilities basically. If anything, they could bear to make melee have more depth, as the one button inputs are pretty monotonous and limiting in regard to executing proper combos.

Im not complainig about the melee, i kinda made myself unclear, my fault, i was complaining about how cheesy and spammable habilities are. melee is fine

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Hello again, DE - I have a few questions.

Firstly, can we get a Glass armor set?

Secondly. Transference.
In game, we use it to do three things.

To enter our warframes, and exit them, and to possess the Golden Maw.

I was thinking, is it plausible for you to expand transference a tad? To give it mechanics similar to the Typhon mechanics in Prey?
Can we eventually use it to transfer into inanimate objects to hide from opponents?
Could we eventually use it to just outright ASSUMINGDIRECTCONTROL demonically possess a target, like a random Grineer?

There is a lot of potential for Operators, and to that end - Are you planning to expand the focus schools with additional nodes in order to define each school?

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