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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!


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Sorry if these questions are long, but I wanted to explain them in as much detail as possible, and in some cases why it's so bothersome or how it could help people. I understand if you decide or can't ask them all, so I put them in order of the most relevant to the least relevant. Feel free to make them short if you ask them.

Questions about some much needed "Quality of Life" changes:

1) UI for Controller users on PC is extremely needed, DE has said many times this would happen soon - both in late 2016 and again in early 2017, yet we will reach 2018 without it actually happening. It's something that is already implemented in the consoles' versions - so from Art, Design, Texturing and Placement points of view, the work has already been done. So why the delay in implementing an UI interface for Controllers on the PC version? It's really annoying having to change from controller to a mouse to do even the most basic of things like selecting, changing or upgrading a mod, selecting a Relic, inviting Friends, customizing certain items, etc. It's impossible without a mouse. Can the developers please explain how hard and time consuming is to implement this change? And also why it's taking over a year to do so - if the work has even started at all?

2) Showing the Total amount of resources you have with the amount you gained in the End of Mission screen? This would help veterans and specially new players, without needing to check the Inventory or Foundry after every mission - the same way we can check how much standing we have with both Focus Schools and Syndicates. This should also take into account unique resources like Void Traces, Eidolon Shards, Sentient Cores, Color Pigments, etc.

3) In a Tweet over 2 years ago, Steve said that he wanted "Running" to be the "Default Speed". After the bugs with the "shooting while sliding" mechanic - which contrary to the Patch Notes, this bug still isn't fixed - this issue, the default speed, came back to the community's attention and many want to see it implemented. Can the developers talk about it, what they think of this solution and if we could at least get a "toggle setting" in Options?

4) New Config Slots for both the Operator and each of the Landind Crafts - a bonus would be having two more for warframes. Right now if I have a good customization with skin and colors and want to try or change something else, I have to take a screenshot - of which I have hundreds - otherwise I lose my previous customization as there's only one.

5) Having Stats for the Operator as we have with warframes, weapons, sentinels, companions, etc. And have these Stats be affected by the Focus Schools' Nodes, just like we have the View Stats With/Without Mods button, so we can actually see the base and the modified Stats.

6) Talking about Stats, it would be incredibly helpful if the Warframes, Weapons, Sentinels and Companions' Upgrade screens and Warframes' Abilities screens showed potential gains from mods in (Parenthesis). This could be added to the right of the Stat(s) that could be affected, or the right in the empty space besides the stats where the Warframes' Rank Bonuses are shown. For example: if I add Energy Conversion to a Warframe, it doesn't show the increased 50% Strength in the Total Strength stat in the Upgrade screen nor the altered damage in the Abilities screen. Right now you need to calculate it in your head and remember, or write it down in a notepad, smarthphone or paper. The same applies to Weapon mods like Sharpened Bullets and Blood Rush (could show the first increase that happens at 1.5x Combo Multiplier). This already happens with a few Melee Channeling mods like Corrupt Charge, which shows both the increased 40% Channeling Cost and 100% Channeling Damage, while other Melee Channeling mods only show the increased Channeling Cost and nothing else, like Quickening, which doesn't show the increased 20% Attack Speed, only the increased 80% Channeling Cost. So it would also be great from a "standard" point of view, having for all of them instead of just one or two.

7) In Bordeless Fullscreen mode, after pressing Alt + Tab to switch back to the game, you first have to click in the window to actually be back in the game, otherwise no command works as if you hadn't switched back or selected the game at all. This bug has been in the game for many years, probably ever since I started playing, and it has never been fixed. Also, Warframe is the only game I know with this type of bug - and I have played thousands of games on PC.

8) Over a year ago Steve said that in the future he would like the Warframe Launcher to be able to automatically update once an Update or Hotfix is released, without users having to do it manually every time. Since over a year has passed, is there anyone actively working or at least looking into it? This is increasingly more needed as Updates and Hotfixes are becoming bigger, since it would allow people to do other things like go to sleep, work, study, etc. and not be worried that when they get home, they will have to wait for the game to update by downloading big size files. This would also be extremely helpful for people with slow download speeds.

9) Many of the very old weapons like Jaw Sword, Glam, Gorgon, Miter, Ether Daggers, Heat Sword, Kraken, Sicarus, Seer, have such low stats that normally even with a very powerful riven, they still can't be on par or around the level of many of the other weapons without any rivens. Even worst, many of these weapons have very little Damage, Critical Chance, Critical Damage and/or Status Chance, meaning they simply can't take real advantage of almost any mod. Is there a plan to "Buff" them? It doesn't need to be all at once, it could be implemented just like PBR, a few at a time.

10) Optional quick Simulacrum Tutorial for each Warframe, after you acquire it - Could be added retroactively for people who already use them. The tutorial would go through phases and each phase teaches both the Abilities, Passives and their nuances, like Frost's Globe absorbing other Globes and stacking it's health in the process. A much more detailed explanation with many examples is on this post by a Warframe Reddit user called "WatchingRomeBurn" (all credits go to him/her):


11) Having new options in the Simulacrum like: new Location settings (Captura already has many settings, and with a lot of options, yet Simulacrum still only has one setting); Aura Mods simulation settings - put a requirement that you need to have the mod in order to emulate it if you must, like being able to simulate having four Corrosive Projection or Growing Power, or a mix of different Auras; etc.

12) Having the "Gear Wheel" screen show a description for what each of the UI icons for Abilities and Buffs mean. This currently can only be done outside of the game and completely breaks the flow of the game, exposes you to enemy fire and also stops you from helping your team mates since you need to stop playing, Alt + Tab, open or select your internet browser, search and/or open the site, click on the Icons section, read what the Icon means, Alt + Tab again to the game, and then resume playing. This could be done in one or even both of of two ways: using the empty space in the Gear Wheel menu to show the current Ability(ies) and Buff(s) you have to the right, left, upper or below space; or having a button that will take you to a screen similar to the Abilities or Melee Combos screens while in-mission with a description of the current Buffs or them all (you could scroll down).

13) Having the Warframe Abilities screen UI integrated with the Warframe modding screen. By this, I mean so that you don't need to back out of the modding screen, click on the Abilities screen to check how much the stats changed, then back out of the Abilities screen, click on the modding screen again. Instead you could also have an Abilities button next to the other buttons - like Actions, Mods, Remove All, Tutorial and Back. This would streamline the whole process in order to reduce redudancy and decrease time and the amount of clicks it takes from 4 (Back, Abilities, Back, Upgrade) to 2 (Abilities, Back). This may sound like lazyness, but when you spend over 30-60 minutes changing mods and checking how they affect the stats, it's really cumbersome without needing to be so.

14) Show the total amount of "Trades Completed", "Platinum Spent", "Credits Spent" on the "My Profile's Stats" screen. Currently, it only shows "Gross Income", the amount of Credits you earned. Will be helpful to show how many trades an user has made - others could see this to check if the trader has made many trades, meaning he/she is most likely a fair trader; how many Platinum one has spent in the game would help people keep a eye on how much money they have invested in the game.

My favourite Warframe moment of the year wasn't inside the game, but outside when Geoff quoted an user saying "Scott is the Pokémon evolution of Steve". Priceless!!!

I wish everyone at Digital Extremes and in the Warframe community a very happy holiday!

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Hopefully the twitch drop will work this time, seeing how this a lot of players never got the twitch drop from Prime Time last night, and also it seemed a bit unfair for console players that during the stream it was only PC players getting gifts, I'm sure us Console players would like DE love too.

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