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My question:

Id like to see any info , or  plans to "FIX" gara , as her new tweaks according to many , including warframe partners, broke her effectiveness as a defense frame and usefulness of her kit as it stands is pointless to simply using frost  as a defense frame 

-her 2 is good but just try to catch moving allies ..... is hard... and it has issues in hud ..


any further info or coming tweaks to her kit would be appreciated 

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- Will Gara be getting any more possible changes to her Mass Vitrify? And what about her Spectrorage, which seems to break way too quickly for higher level content.

- Will Zephyr get a rework any time soon?

- Are there any long-term future plans to release more Plains of Eidolon-scale maps, or expanding the plains even further?


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Will the team on Warframe be expanded? I do hope that the support section of the community gets an improvement. Another note being needing a list of bugs since old bugs that supposed to be patched seems to come back and a need for more bug testing before we get an issue that hindered progress for new players.

Moreso on wanting to know if movement could be tweaked, but I prefer that it doesn't bring bugs which seems too good to be true, mostly on how AW's collision and the terrain stopping you on sprints along with climbing onto objects that halts momentum as jumping over would be far more efficient unless you're out of reach, suggestion being a hold input.






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Continuous weapons

  • When is their state going to be addressed and do you have any plans for continuous weapons overhaul? Do you consider moving back to original Damage 1.0 for continuous weapons aka damage per ammo consumed (it seems like Operator's Void Beam and Arc-traps working the old way), or making their own mods, because sharing the Rifle mods don't help that much. Firearms can deal status per bullet's hit while the continous weapons are limited to dealing both damage and status per second.

Pure Status mods

15-30% Status mods (Rifle Aptitude, Shotgun Savvy, Sure Shot, Melee Prowess).

  • Currently, the situation is way too similar to Damage 1.0 with its rainbow builds, the only difference now is, that in order to get high Status chance we have to put up to 4 dual stats mods for +240% Status-% ending up with up to 3 elemental combinations along with physical damage. There's no way it encourages modding, it's just another mandatory situation. And let's be honest the Riven system shouldn't be an excuse since it's been said we can play w/o Rivens just fine.

Arcanes 2.0

  • Are you going to expand the PoE features by separating current arcanes into: warframe/primary/secondary/melee categories with their own slots?

Arcanes 1.0

  • Any chance you will change your mind and allow us to transfer 1.0 Arcane effects to new helmets? It reallly hurts when you are sticking to the old helmet because it has stats to balance out your build while being unable to simply transfer its stats to Tennogen/Prime/Delux helmets you really like.

Modular guns

  • Do you have any plans about making modular guns? Zaw seems to fit the Ostron thematically, but will the Corpus settlement specilized on modern and firearms/energy weapons instead? For example, Fallout 4's Weapon Modding is pretty similar: you have Grip and Stock categories that determine what you get: Side arm or Primary. Then you have other various stats which are affected by chosen mod: recoil, action points (for using in V.A.T.S.), Armour-Piercing damage or just damage etc.

Individual extraction from Excavation and Survival missions

  • Do you have any plans on implementing similar to PoE feature in Survival, Excavation and the other game modes?

Warframe, Weapon augments, Syndicate weapons

  • I remember we had so many Augment polls in DC this year, yet not so many augments found their way into game. Will we see Warframe augments before 2018? And will we see more of Syndicate weapons in the future?

Weapons and bundles from Tennocon '17

  • I will just ask: if there's any ETA on these shinies teased at TC'17: Tenno Rifle, Grineer Auto-Rifle, Grineer UZI, Grineed Acid Gun, Grineer Armour set? :clem:



Kingpin system

  • Is there anything new about this one?

Sentinels' survivability aka «Sentinel Repair-kit» consumable item

  • While we do have (Primed) Regen mod which allows Sentinels regenerate their HP a couple of times when it hits 0HP,  how do you like an idea of implementing Sentinel Repair-Kit which would work the way Archwing works on the Plains? Upgrade the Sentinel segment and craft consumable x50 repair-kits, so you could repair your destroyed sentinel as long as you have enough kits in your gear menu. Your thoughts?

Vulkan API

  • I remember Steve said you were thinking about Vulkan support in WF, any news on this topic?

PoE Bounties

  • Is it possible to put a second Bounty Board outside the Cetus? Traveling to Cetus from the Plains and vice versa can be performance heavy for some users reducing their PC's performace, it's also frustrating to return there after every bounty, especially when your last stage was in the furthest camp on the map.

PoE Cetus' QoL: arsenal and foundry

  • Could you please let us use Operator Arsenal in the Quills' place to customize and change Focus School, AMPs there instead of departing to Orbiter to fly back after? Same goes for Foundry, what if our warframes could get an access to Old man Suumbaat's foundry for some:credits:?

Relay Reconstruction event, Braton Vandal, Lato Vandal; Weapons Proto skins

  • Can you give an ETA when it goes live (last event in 2017, early 2018 or later in 2018)? And just to clarify, both Braton and Lato Vandal are rewards along with weapon proto skins, right? I think, so far it was confirmed that Braton Vandal is a reward for that event, but I don't remember the same thing about Lato.
  • Can you please confirm that Bronco proto skin will be usable on Akimbo version as well? Sadly, I'm not a fan of Akbronco Prime design, but I'd sure use the proto skin on it

. latest?cb=20170819020525&path-prefix=ru


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What a crazy year it’s been! Can’t wait to watch the last devstream of 2017! Going to be an amazing stream.

Favorite moment of 2017

When Plains of Eidolon was shown to us for the first time at Tennocon. 

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 Having to constantly distill arcanes gets a bit annoying since its not a fast crossover. With all these amazing prime a deluxe syandanas/skins being released i still only find myself using two syandanas due to the inconvenience of distilling arcanes. And wishing that arcance helmets stats werent exclusive to its respective helmet. Since fashion frame is so important and having to choose between fashion and effectiveness on missions doesn't feel too great, would you consider the separation of arcanes and cosmetics and give it its own section (similar to how syandanas are now customized separately from armor)

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I KNOW how tiring it can be to hear "UNIVAC" and frankly, I'm tired of hearing it too... Though just applying it as a passive to all warframes kind of makes sentinels obsolete. So, simply as a thought for discussion, what if there was an aura mod that added vacuum to your warframe?

Also, while Kavats are immune to the infestation in their mature state, why can we not use our infected cysts on them during their incubation? A Helminth Leaper sounds gross, adorable, and amazing.

And as a side, a friend of mine took some pictures of him accidently loading into someone elses orbiter. I take it that feature is coming soon? ;)

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Q: In 2018 can we maybe get more quests that give info on Lotus and her father?

Q: Will Ash's bladestorm be revisited soon?

Q: Will we get Zephyr rework on the begining of 2018?

Q: Is there any plans to make older Tennogen items cheaper? (not because their quality is lacking now but mostly because they are old)

Q: Any thing you can share about the kingpin system or was that lost in dev hell?

Thanks for the hard work!

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1. Please make ally health bars a different color for quick identification. The thing with the cursor is a step in the right direction for sure, but we need to be even more obvious in a game this fast paced.


2. Please allow tennogen creators to create skins based on deluxe 3d models! They're being sold for real money anyway, after all, and would increase variety and customization exponentially, pushing fashionframe to the next level.


3. Vacuum for all companions pleaseeeeeeee. It's the only reason I'm not using a kitty.

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