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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

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I did not expect this,but can we have more news for Umbra?? Please 😁🍺 and can we have more hairstyles for operator like this... and can we have mature operator in a future with some melee action?gUudcyN.jpg

 its not my art but its good example 😛 

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Well, my favourite Warframe Memory of 2017 is of course The Plains of Eidolon Update. This is what I was looking forward to and you guys did not dissappoint! It is SO AWESOME! The possibilities of what you can do in the Plains of Eidolon is endless! From fishing, to bounties and of course the satisfaction of killing all Grineer in sight. And my other 2017 Warframe Memory is when not only did I get Valkyr (I currently use her and I could not be happier), I also got the blueprint for Valkyr Prime and I've got her neuroptics built as well as having the Orokin Cells needed to build her! All I need is her Systems and Chassis and it is gonna take me forever to get those, but it is gonna be SOOOOO worth it when I have everything I need to build her.


Now, the questions...

1: How much fun was it to create Warframe?

2: I'm looking forward to a Mesa Prime. Is she currently in the works or planned for another time?

3: How much fun do you think the Plains of Eidolon is from a personal view?

4: I've noticed one more door on the Orbiter that has been shut and non accessible for all this time. What do you plan to put in here?


That is all from me! Here is to the great and grand future of Warframe and all the Warframe team and community! I look forward to what you will do next for Warframe itself! Cheers!

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59 minutes ago, ----Legacy---- said:

Also, match/server browser for conclave pls! We need a way to find maches easier while proving wrong the people who claims that nobody plays it.

Could teshin also offer forma bp as a reward? It would be a welxome standing sink that provides more access to a very useful consumable item.

This, this and a thousand times this please this.

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 the hairstyle in the left column 2nd row is absolutely gorgeous, why did u guys never ship it? Can we have these hair styles pls?

(note that some hairstyles are in game, but some are not like the one i mentioned- the best one!)


favourite moment is probably when rebecca walked throught the gates to PoE at tennocon. it opened up and... holy

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Before doing the obligatory and pleasurable festive wishes, let me do some questions:

  1. Is the most awaited melee weapon, the nodachi, comming with Khora's update?
  2. Fashion operator, any news on that? and on that note...
  3. How are the operator melee weapons going?
  4. Have you considered making another 'joke' quest like A man of few words?

And now that I'm over that; my favorite moment of the year was: First entering the Plains like in the trailers, and the whole octavia quest.

I hope you all have an incredible christmass day, and an even better new year!

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My fav moment of 2017? When Reb first stepped through the doors to the plains. Even though I saw it on yt, I still felt the buzz like the rest of the live viewers. "That mountain over there? It's not a backdrop, you can climb it. That grineer base? You can raid it."

As for the questions:

-Atlas noggle when?

-When will we hear more of the corpus spidermechs? Are they a part of the upcoming corpus openworld?

-Will Zephyr get a rework before priming?

-Related to the above: Any Zephyr deluxe updates?

-Isn't 5 norg brains/5 murkray livers a bit expensive for amp parts?

-Would it be possible to see some sort of enemy vehicles in openworld? I think grineer scooter-bikes in the plains would be pretty cool, like dargyns but close-to-earth.

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Added more questions
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I loved the Whole PoE Experience... Though i wish the Plague Star event was Longer or at Least Waited until all those Bugs where dealt with, cause they kept causing My Toaster to Crash.

My Question is about Equinox's Duality Aug.

Could you please Rework the Augment so While you are using any of the Toggle Abilities you don't Switch forms, the form you are not using would be pushed out every time it's activated instead of it canceling your Powers to Switch Forms?

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Are there any plans to allow the original non-prime skin for a primed weapon, similar to how we can for the warframes themselves? For example, I'd love to be able to use the appearance of the non-prime Silva and Aegis on the Silva and Aegis Prime.

Also can we get Oberon's non prime shoulder armor as an additional option for Oberon Prime?

Are there any new companions in the works, besides the Kavat that is for the new frame?

What are the chances of making Fieldron, Mutagen Mass, and Detonite Injector blueprints reusable? Although it is easy enough to get them from farming Invasion missions. I just think it's weird that most other items have reusable blueprints but these 3 items have been around for so long now and we're still required to purchase a blueprint from the dojo each time we want to craft them.

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Can we have a way too obtain stalker weapons outside of farming stalker.

Playing for a long time now but still cant get the despair (almost 2k hours ingame and mr 24) i even would trade in like 10 stalker beacons for one of the drops. 

Maybe lock it behind a mr 20+ buy option? (stalker pack is just way too expensive for one weapon)

I know from talking too people with high masteries that im not the only one having trouble too get the despair.

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Is there any plans to in future introduce a way to re-obtain certain weapons that were only obtainable once? For example things like the Broken Scepter or Orvius, just for collecting purposes.


I have been told to contact support in the past, but support has only ever restored a weapon that I had not completed Mastery on.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Get your questions in! We ask you for your favourite Warframe 2017 Memory in addition to a question!

[DE] often releases Noggles of new Warframes and enemies. Is there any plan on releasing a Noggle for the Grineer Jester? If so, instead of a normal Noggle, why not slightly scaled down Plush decoration for the Liset?

My favorite moment of 2017 was without any dough the release of Plains of Eidolon. Despite all the bugs we encountered which we played through and helped report, it was a changing moment that the game needed and i am sure it has opened way for many new possibilities in future updates.

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Will hookshotting enemies be even looked at in terms of bugs and balances? At all?

Ancients and Scorpions (and possibly any future enemies equipped with hooks) have been in the past years until now, a pain and problem that breaks the enjoyment/flow of a mission:

  1. Not only are their hooks are extremely accurate, fast, has and is designed to lead the target, but they also use it immediately the second a player is within range (not when someone is camping on a crate or something).
  2. The magic hook works from literally any angle. They lock on to and will hit players even when they move behind the enemy.
  3. Dodging is scarcely useful due to the number of hook enabled enemies firing one after the other; dodge one and the hooks from the other 6 enemies will hit
  4. Animation can't be cancelled. Ragdolling, stuns, CC does nothing. An Ancient swings its arm to fire a hook but gets ragdolled? Oh well, that lump of flesh on the ground still hooks you anyway

This has been an annoying problem for years and due to the fact that these types of enemies come in hordes, the only way to evade the inevitable hook chain spam is just to cheese it by mashing the roll key non stop, use OP weapons, or waiting behind an obstacle and wait for all 20 enemies to use their hook attacks.

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Two related questions:

1 - Now that we have flying enemies that are constantly moving and wide open areas, could the Ogris get a lock on / homing ability like the version used by Bombards has?  Currently, it can be a very large challenge to hit any flying enemies unless they are standing still or almost directly above you while using the Ogris.

2 - What are your thoughts on giving self-damage weapons the ability to ignore armor or some other special property?  Self-damage weapons are supposed to have risk to balance their massive damage.  However, the damage falls off while the risk remains the same as enemy level increases.  If self-damage is kept in Warframe, self-damage weapons should have some form of scaling so they always have the 'reward' part of 'risk-reward' and not just risk.

As a personal example for both questions, I stopped using my heavily forma'd Ogris in the plains because the large areas and moving enemies result in an environment where it is much harder to hit enemies when you could just pull out a standard hit-scan weapon.  Combined with damage fall off in higher level bounties, the Ogris can be out performed by many other weapons that don't have the risk of self-damage.


Favorite moment of 2017: Supra Vandal hands down.  As an original Supra lover(5 forma before the well deserved buffing), I love the Supra Vandal.  Plus you can make it metallic gold since it is a Vandal.  There is nothing wrong with a gold plated Supra.

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My favorite memory was the painful announcement of Mirage Prime over Zephyr.

Ok all jokes aside, I know the team has a vested interest in Umbra and Clans for the new year but can we get a bit of focus on some now immersive features?

Ordis has the saying the same lines for years along with Lotus. I just want to see some new fleshed out personality with our allies and enemies. 

I guess my favorite moment then leads to Vey Hek admiring the Eidolon.

"It's beautiful...KILL IT!!!!!!!!"

Also, can continuous weapons get a look at?

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