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Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

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Question: Will you ever make a metallic/shiny color pallete? pls :blush:

Favorite memory: The Buildup to the POE update deployment. Got REALLY excited when they announced POE was gonna be released that day. Made a special POE channel on discord and it had tons of people in it getting all excited about it. :inlove:

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Will the FOV view limit ever get increased?


Will switching views aka reversing camera hitting H by default ever get properly mirrored?


https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951099563 will Excalibur Exaltation skin ever make it in the game? It's been denied like 3 times already lol and it's by far the best looking skin for excal i've seen in this game's lifetime


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Will we ever be able to get a modular Moa companion? 

Can we get an ol' Faithful weapon stand in our orbiter? Place a weapon in it with a preset loadout, so if you know you are going to be doing something your current weapon cant handle, you can just grab this off the wall, or stand and go. It would replace your current weapon in the slot, so it would swap melee for melee, primary for primary, or secondary for secondary.



Favourite memory from 2017, was during operation plague star, when I remembered just how much I love my Hek

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What about Volt confirmed as not being CC, not having any ability that works as alternative to gunplay, and having discharge/shock tweaked? Also, how will it work against armor since electricity is weak against it? 


Is there any plans to a second batch of syndicate weapons? 


Also my best memories about 2017 on Warframe are parts of the PoE (passing, eidolon hunting, etc) and the quality the new quests provided. Harrow's quest was amazing. New customization options for the true endgame also made me a happy camper, and Lenz. 


Grofit bless Lenz. 

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I have two questions:
1) Will anything be done to the Cernos Prime to make it competitive with the Rakta Cernos?
2) Are there going to be any more tweaks to Mirage in order to make her a little more reliable?

As for my most memorable thing in 2017, the only one I can remember is fishing in the Plains while having a massively disturbing (and hilarious) conversation with a couple of my friends.

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1. Will you make it possible to use weapon skins like Arit Longsword with our Zaws? Currently It's not.

2. Will there be an option to toggle dual wielding off in the arsenal? In a way characters look more competent when they quickly draw their weapons when alternating between quick melee and shooting plus our idle animation and quick melee for secondary weapon are affected by the animation set and stance we choose when not dual wielding. Also there is currently no benefit to holding melee and secondary in each hand and a similar charged throw was usable when the glaive was first released(there was just no power throw when button was released at the right time).


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I coulde be wrong, but in a previous update didn't you say that the cost of focus nodes would be reduced? Either I didn't notice the change because I never used it much, or it always cost 50,000 focus to unlock a node on Naramon and 80,000 to upgrade it.

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My,it's ending already?!...what a year...

...My favourite moment was dual-wielding...no wonder glaive prime is now my second soon first most used melee...

...as for a lovely question-what happened to the kingpins and will this "hopefully final 2017 update" bring us the tenno pumpy shooty?I loved and still love this gun without even considering the stats...so good stats would be even further bonus....also,i was never on the Umbra lagoon but...Sacrifice?

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

 We ask you for your favourite Warframe 2017 Memory in addition to a question! As many of us will begin our holidays, we’d love to reflect on your favourite Warframe moment of 2017 so we can create more of the positive experiences in 2018. We know 2017 hasn’t been a perfect year of course, Tenno. Sometimes knowing what you loved is just as important as knowing what you didn’t like (which we’ve got lists and lists of).

Favorite memory revolves around the Lidless Eye, sure a few gameplay elements were rocky, but where that Quest went with what might lurk in the Void, is tops for 2017.

So here's my list for what I did like the most:

  1. Learning about the work on new enemies (the Ghouls) and seeing the new variants in PoE, moar please, and could Eximus get some TLC?
  2. Sound Engineering -  looking forward to work on Melee!
  3. PoE release, moar free roam please!
  4. UI additions, under the hood optimizations and countless QoL updates over the year (oh my), I revel in the fact that this is on going
  5. Arca Plasmor, need I say more?
    • Weapon Changes & Additions - boosted stats on needy weapons, sweet, although would have liked alt-fire better to be like a toggle (Euphona Prime, Hind as are Stradavar, Zarr)
    • Baza - would be nice to see more like this one.
  6. PBR treatments
  7. On going work on Procedural Maps -  something I notice as I play, thank you!
  8. Dual Wielding - one day using my dagger like a bayonet? Looking forward to what's possible
  9. Captura - I've used it here and there
  10. The potential for new systems on the horizon, Clan / Kingpin and so on.


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Favourite memory - PoE reveal, undoubtedly :)

I would like to ask if DE has ever considered improving the User Interface (2.0?)

It could really improve QoL as the current UI is too often limited and annoying.
I have compiled an extensive list of peevs from which I give you:

1. Extractors need a management tool. Playing "Hunt the extractor", "Find the resource" and "Guess the rarity" is not fun.
2. Stations (incubator & foundry) should give a visual clue on optional modules e.g. Which do they take and are they installed.
3. Make a single modular symbol showing warframe/ weapon status (indicating if max rank, potatod, forma count & exilus installed)
4. Improve standing info. Have it all (syndicates/Simaris/Ostron etc.) in one place. Show amount, daily limit, daily limit progress etc.)
5. Void Relics need a management tool. Show ALL relics on one screen. Flag them as current/vaulted/unvaulted. Show quantities owned. Allow sorting etc.
6. My Profile does not show all weapons (e.g. Dera Vandal & some MK1 are missing). Fix this to show everything.
7. Do NOT insert "Mastery Rank Up" at top of main menu listing. It screws up usual clicking patterns.

It may not be "sexy" but I'm guessing it would be much appreciated.

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4 minutes ago, DukeOfCornwall said:

Improve standing info. Have it all (syndicates/Simaris/Ostron etc.) in one place. Show amount, daily limit, daily limit progress etc.)

In your profile?

Edit: I agree with all other points.

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Favorite 2017 memory was of course the ambitious open world expansion and direction. Would like there to be more NPC and residential activity/interaction on top of fighting though. One of the funnest things about the likes of Majora's Mask or a few of the MMO's I have enjoyed were the quirky towns folk, vagabonds and amusing activities they had or the optional fun leisure distractions(For things like temporary stat buffs, or small cosmetics/decorations.). Gara was a favorite memory alongside PoE as well, prior to Wall nerf that is.


1.Can you please not nerf warframes over some heated discussion on reddit, which was originally about buffing Volt? Gara did not need to be nerfed to justify keeping Volt mediocre. It was an unneeded nerf, and quite bad. Gara's glass wall does not even last a second in the likes of sorties, and it was already bad enough that the wall already didn't have overhead covering. Meanwhile Frost globe covers all over, and it can be stacked to a million EHP. Gara's wall can't be stacked at all and has laughable base health, on top of enemies being able to climb or fly or shoot over it. Instead of nerfing Gara's 4, you should have actually improved her 3, as it barely does anything.
Don't take that as a cue to nerf Frost's Globe either, there are enough hinderances with the likes of your thirsty eximus , nullies and power killing variants. Just buff Gara's wall health, and her 3 while you are at it.

2. When are you going to remedy the screen popping and noninteractive issue that you said you wanted to, in regard to Ash's 4? Ash is the ninja in this space ninja game, how you going to do him dirty and leave him hanging like that?
Especially since the Bladestorm is an inferior version of its former self(Which was already annoying in itself.), yet I still have to watch the time consuming cutscenes where I'm not doing anything but watching,  I'm only having to take more time to mark enemies, because it was obviously just a nerf to xp farming, which he was not even that great at anyway, especially not now since the stealth multiplier was nerfed hard, and only xp multipliers on sleeping enemies matters.
Frames should not be made more tedious to play or less useful just for some remedy on some cynical spreadsheet so as to meet whatever quota you are trying to meet.
 Speed mods are not a good enough remedy either, the intervals of non-interactivity stack up, I want this cutscene dancing gone, and for Ash to get an improved ultimate, like Excalibur did. Ideally a channeled type where I am able to be an epic ninja zipping around and doing fast attacks manually. 
On that note, his other abiliites could use some improvement, as in a real rework, as opposed to reverting to old changes(Teleporting to consoles and the like), or common sense QoL(Smokescreen in the air, latter of which Loki had already). 

Shuriken: Give Ash one extra blade with his Shuriken move(Complying with his clones.) and make all three have punch through. They should also stagger enemies, Quick Thinking style.

Smokescreen: Smokescreen is seen as dime-store Loki Invisibility, and easily the weakest invisibility in the game. Loki, Ivara, and Octavia, are laughing at Ash.  If its going to be so short and non team utility by comparison(Without an augment, which is still pathetic by comparison to the frames who can do that, and without an augment.), at least give it some improved features. Stuff like having Smokescreen make Ash as light as vapor, increasing both his movement and melee speed. Smokescreen should also have a charge modifier, letting you turn the smokescreen into a smokebomb when you cast for invisibility, allowing you to launch surrounding enemies away with a blast proc by holding the button, if you like.

Teleport: I don't know what it is with you DE, but every ideal conceptual improvement that has been offered as an improvement to Ash's teleport , you have apprently decided to just give it to other things. Its like you are messing with me, lol. Things like Nezha's teleport or the Operators Void Dash would have been ideal concepts to go forward with in regard to improving Ash's teleport. If you are not up for giving those to Ash in any way despite giving multiple other frames superior invisibility,  then perhaps you could do this other idea instead. Make Ash's teleport work like Castanas and Talons. Ash can toss Void traps to any location and have it stick there, then press X to actually activate telportation to any of the trap's location. The move can also retain stealth finisher procs when stuck to an enemy. Things like Ninja Gaiden or Black Desert online also has some stylish teleporting to look at and consider, just food for thought.

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Will Atlas get a rework in 2018? His first and fourth abilities are great for his playstyle but, his second and third abilities need a rework.  If Atlas had an ability called earthquake where he shakes the map that would be great. An augment would be to include petrify where enemies damaged by earthquake have chance to become stone and, drop extra loot. 

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• With all the new weapons you guys added could you eventually add a ball and chain weapon or a shield only like ack and brunk with out the axe.

• When are we getting the tennogen skins?

• Will Zephyer be getting a reword when she becomes primed? Will she be getting any new abilities, if so can you specify?

• Could you also make like some spider or beast frame that can transform or morph like Equinox? I want my web crawler

• Final question, Will who must not be spoken be early, mid or late 2018? Its not Voldemort 🙂 

ps. first time asking questions 

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Favorite Moment of 2017 - The Plains of Eidolon reveal and my subsequent play through.  I was convinced before but I'm beyond convinced now: DE is one of the best developers on Earth and Warframe really has the potential to be the best action game during my lifetime.  I mean this in the best possible way: Warframe has simply spoiled most other games for me and PoE just blew my expectations out of the water.  Speaking of....

Least Favorite Moment of 2017 & Related Question - Fish.  Can anyone on DE explain from a narrative standpoint why fish are needed to obtain the ultimate potential of Operators and Archwings?  It's like finding out about Midi-chlorians or the Matrix runs on fish oil.  Did the Orokin really have a fish program during the Old War to fight the Sentient?  Please explain.

Happy holidays!  Take time off and take a well deserved rest!!!!!!  :)

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