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Inventory More Efficient


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One feature that could make the inventory more efficient is by having the player be able to select and sell multiple quantity of the same item at the one time rather than selling each thing one by one. As of right now, players are only able to select multiples of different items at once ( ex: frost helm bp, glaive bp, etc), but the game doesnt allow you to select multiples of a single item.(ex: beta corruptors: 70)  


This would be an important feature for players since more new items and blueprints might be added in the future. 

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Yeah, inventory management is currently quite the chore.


Bulk selling of items, bulk buying of items - we need these things. 

Modding could use some love too - something like a right click menu on a mod when selecting fusions and have options like "Add all but highest ranked mod", "Add all unranked mods", etc

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