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Game Changes,fixes, And Additions.


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Warframe,while being a very enjoyable game, still has many problems in its current state. The creators of the game are doing an excellent job with it, but it is far from perfect. The following are some changes and additions for the game.


1: LOADOUTS. Being a player who likes to get new weapons often, this would be great. Instead of having to swap out weapons and warframes before missions to prepare for various scenarios and enemies, you could just change your loadout. Every loadout would have a warframe,primary and secondary weapons,a melee weapon, and the possible sentinel. Mods and level would stay the same for a weapon or warframe if it was in two separate loadouts, but colors could be different for weapons and warframes on different loadouts. You would pick your loadout before the mission, and you could name it whatever you want.


2: “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”. Recently, I bought a scindo. Not knowing what to expect from the weapon, I didn’t end up liking it. If there was a “try before you buy” system, you could test out a weapon or a warframe in a rank testing arena or a level. This way, you could find the perfect weapon or warframe without spending too much platinum or credits.


3: WEAPON TOGGLES. After my aforementioned scindo “incident”, I settled with the dual zoren. Now these are just based on preference, but they would be nice to have. First of all the placement of dual wield melee weapons on your warframe REALLY annoys me. If you could toggle where your melee weapon or any weapon is sheathed/stowed, that would be nice. Another thing that would be nice to control would be elemental effects of melee weapons. Maybe it’s just me, but having a large flaming sword on my character is a little distracting. Also, If there were alternate weapon fighting styles or forms that you could choose from, That would spice up melee combat. There would be an extra slot in the melee modding menu, where you would put different forms or styles. They would change weapons stats like speed, damage, charge, and range. Maybe they could  even change the animations for some attacks.


Thank you for getting this far. More will be added soon. Genie out.



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