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Three Small Dojo Suggestions


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Allow us to set which floor an elevator starts on.

The elevator always starts at the lower level. For people who want to go down a floor, they have to wait for the elevator to come up first. Changing this would be a small convenience.


Allow us to remove doors, or a way to set doors to always be open.

If you have a lot of cross connectors, it can be easy to get a bit disorientated. A few open doors could help the navigation and flow of the Dojo.


Allow us to move/rotate decorations after they've been built.

Perhaps at the cost of credits, allow us to move and rotate decor around that has already been built (but no re-sizing). The floor medallions are a good example of why this is needed. Since we can't see the textures on them while placing, we have no idea which way the textures will be facing until they're complete. My inner OCD needs to have things line up, lol.



That's about it. Thanks for reading!

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