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Learning And Proficiency


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There are a couple of aspects to this great game that, in the opinion of my colleagues and I, take away from the seemless user experience and overall quality of the game.


Humans are rational beings for the most part. We want things to make sense.


Losing our blueprints after crafting items doesn't really seem logical. Are we really that stupid in the future? Are we so ignorant that we would need a set of instructions everytime we repeat a task? Do we even learn?


So after pointing out an obvious ruffle in our potato chip, lets figure out how to fix this issue.


We dont want to entirely eliminate the need to get blueprints over and over. That would make anything beyond the first drop pretty pointless, which is kind of how it is as of right now. Credits being the after production utility of repeat drops just doesn't cut it. There is a deeper issue that could be fixed if this aspect of the game is addressed properly.


The problem, aside from this games 'get it once, rank it, move on' attitude that a lot of players are forced to take (in regards to frames and weaps we may not love), there is little point to certain drops after they are aquired once. The need for credits in this game is too low to balance the rate of repeat drops actives are getting.


Revamping the crafting system in this game could add long term playability options, streamline the user experience, increase the logic of how things work in the game, and allow for more room to grow for both player ability and game dificulty.


I suggest :


The Tenno gain the ability to learn. They have the ability to craft items, and they get better at it the more times they do it.


For every rank of mastery you gain, your crafting time goes down by a %. 

For every time you craft a single weapon or frame, that item gains an increased chance for default stat bonuses.


Replayability / Long term loyalty aspect:


If there is a chance that I may, by replicating weapons, become more proficient and thus create more powerful models, I would have more of a need/use for farming multiple blueprints. I could become even stronger than I already am. And I would have new weapons to buy orokin catalysts for.. and forma too.


It is really easy to max a frame's rank. It is also pretty easy to max a weapon's rank. Make ranking gear give us less mastery, and more reason to rank gear.


As far as 'what kind of default stat bonuses' am I talking about: im referring to the same things we get on other gear.


+ Elemental % dmg.

+ Dmg to certain faction.

+ % Resistance to certain types of dmg

+ Shield/Health/Armor

+ Attk/Fire/Reload speeds.

+ Power range/dmg/duration.

+ Base dmg.

+ Crit.

+ Polarized slots.

+ Orokin catalyst.


Any and all combinations of these examples depending on mastery/proficiency, and of course % rng.


This would allow us to get stronger, and allow for bosses to get tougher. Would also allow us to take on nightmare mode on tougher planets.


This is my rough idea suggestion. please leave your thoughts and comments.

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Good ideas all around. Before I started, I had actually hoped that crafted gear would have random bonuses attached to it - quirks of the artisan's hand, if you will.


There's nothing quite like crafting an item in Terraria and seeing that, no, it's not just a pick; it's a Devastating Pick.

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