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Warframe Improvement Ideas


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I've been trying out some Frames, like many other players, I've notice somethings that could use some work. So here are some of my ideas for these struggling Warframe.


To start, Ash, on the surface he appears to work as intended, but once you start putting time on him, you'll find that he is lacking in several areas, he adds nothing in terms of team-synergy other than being invisible healer.


Shurikens: Can be unreliable due to targeting issues with multiple enemies and at max lvl, is a waste of energy if you cast on one target.

Idea: Reduce damage by, and add one shuriken per lvl, and bleeding tick damage to non-armored enemies.


Smoke Screen: Works as intended, but offers little utility outside of a quick get away, acts more like a smoke bomb then it does a smoke screen, due to it's small radius/short duration.

Idea: Increase the AOE of it's stun/cosmetic effect, reduce enemy awareness and 100% melee critical hit chance.

(Note: The crit chance buuf would only apply to weapons crit chance, it wouldn't give you red crits all the time.)


Teleport: Has no real practical use in any combat situation, cost too much energy for a front-flip, no invincibility for it's long recovery time, provides no bonus for use.

Idea: Increase the targeting area, add a one second stun, make it port to the targets back and allow the player to stealth attack enemies.


Blade Storm:  Works as intended most of the time, can't target new enemies when team mates kill them before reaching the target, 

Idea: Allow BS to target new enemies if it marked enemies are killed prematurely.


Next post will be about Trinity.

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Trinity: The White Mage, she can heal, she can give back power, she can become a Hurt Tank, and can preform the ultimate Health Pack, the perfect team support, but how much support can she really offer?


Well of Life:  Works as intended, but most enemies die too quickly, or players can't inflict sufficient damage to recover health due to team support, players tend to ignore marked target, as they mostly favor shields, since they can recover at a stunning rate.

Idea:  If WoL was turned into a self cast AOE, similar to what the Healer Ancients do, limit the range, reduce the duration, and give it a heal rate, this make Well more useful, while sticking to it's theme.


Energy Vampire:  Works as intended, most of the same problem as Well of Life, as with WoL, Vamp, suffers from some extremely heavy inconvenience, which is a shame for such a useful power.

Idea:  The most sound solution I could come up with, is if EVamp transferred to another target upon death of the marked enemy, it would restore energy until an individual player cap has been reached (Similar to the way it works now.), or until the duration is spent.  Note:  This was one of many ideas, but this felt like the only one that could make Vamp feel more useful, without ruining the idea.  


Link:  Works as intended, problem is, it doesn't really help anybody, it can't aggro enemies, so tanking is limited to self preservation, since it doesn't affect teammates, it doesn't contribute to team efforts in anyway.

Idea:  Link could target multiple enemies at once it, the number of targets would go up per lvl, this would make it more useful and add some real offensive utility to a defensive ability.  Note:  Link is already used as an offensive tool, but it fails at that as it can only target one foe, and since it doesn't draw aggro, it doesn't do much damage, this solution would provide some damage support for the team, while giving Link some team usefulness.


Blessing:  Works as intended, the only power in the game that can be left a lvl 1 and still be useful, but could use some improvements.

Idea:  The only way to make Blessing more useful, is to make it revive downed players to full health.  Note:  I also feel that reviving a downed player shouldn't give them full health, it seems weird we can res team mates to full health, but we can't heal each other without a health pack, if we get a full shield restore, then we don't need a full health restore, we should suffer some draw backs from being downed (Other than humiliation).


Next Frame, Ember.

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