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Selling Multiple Mods At Once?



Is there a way? I have like over 9000 duplicates of tons of skill mods for Warframes I'm nowhere near getting (nor planning to) that are seriously cluttering up my inventory but going through and selling them one by one... urgh!

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Is there a way to sell items off your inventory? Like a whole stack?

As far as I know there isn't. Though I am going off of threads complaining about corrupters as opposed to experience.

To clarify, I meant bulk selling. Obviously, you can still sell things from invo, just individually I would assume.

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If it were me, I'd drop those duplicate mods into my Serration.  I still have one rank to go and it's slooooow going :(


And if it's not Serration, I still have work to do on Redirection and Hornet Strike :(


One day...one day...

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