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New Weapon Ideas: Utility/teamwork Inspired


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So.... why is it that all weapons are 100% damage except for the Kestrel (which acts as a CC)?


Why can't we carry equipment intended to help our teammates?


Here's some ideas:


1). Flashbang/Flare Gun. A Pistol that fires "Flares" or Flashbang-like projectiles in a lobbed arc like a grenade launcher. It deals minor damage on impact (10-20 or so damage) and emits a bright flash of light that lingers for 5 seconds. Any enemies within 20 feet would have their accuracy greatly reduced for that 5 seconds + another 5 seconds. The pistol would have a clip size of 1 and a reload of like 1.5s or so. This weapon would allow someone to lessen the enemy's ability to cause damage while illuminating enemies for his teammates, allowing them to aim at the targets easier.


2). Smoke Bombs. A Thrown weapon (Pistol) that creates a large puff of smoke at the location where it exploded. Enemies cannot shoot through said smoke, but they can walk through it. Said smoke would persist for 5-10 seconds. This would allow a Tenno to create defensive walls for his teammates, or to prevent distant enemies from firing upon them while they make a quick getaway.


3). Harpoon/Hook Gun. Basically, the weapon that Grineer Scorpions use, only you get to use it on them! It would work against any non-heavy unit the same way that a Grineer Scorpion's rope and hook works. I would so love to hook and drag every one of those women all around the map in pure revenge....


Note that the above guns do little (or zero) damage -- they would not have mastery ranks as they are not meant to actually kill people. Or, they could have mastery ranks, but are only leveled by carrying them into missions with teammates (to encourage their use in teamwork play). Since they do no damage, only ammo mods would really be useful for them. They could also have specific mods made just for them (duration/radius mods, etc).

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