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Warframe Concept - Shinoa - The Broken Child.


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This is actually the second of several ideas I'm refining. The idea for this one is tampered Orokin technology. The idea came from how Vor's shiny Seer pistol is reverse engineered from Orokin weapons and how Sgt. Nef Anyo is selling his acquired cyro-pods to the highest bidder. Many of theses bidders are rogue scientists and other such engineers.


Lore explanation:

In attempts to reverse engineer a Warframe they have pre-modified it to when they finally manage to activate it, and should the neural controls work, the Tenno will be under their influence. However before the scientists can activate the Tenno Lotus dispatches a squad to recover their fallen brothers and sisters and prevent a perversion of Orokin technology. These Warframes are supposed to be dead according to the Lotus yet upon retrieval the Shinoa revive to the waves of the others. Their suits now horribly mutilated with new volatile weapons and systems these few Tenno must remaster the Warframes.



These frames would have a body of Excalibur or Nyx due to the simpleness of the suits compared to the likes of Loki or Saryn. Then over these suits there would be plating in the fashion of Grineer (more akin to Sawmen but with a little Lancer) and Corpus mixed and interwoven with each other. Alternate helmets could vary in style for each enemy unit, base could be similar to the face/head piece of Grineer Sawmen and Lancers and the alternates could mimic Corpus Crewmen, then others like the Grineer Cyborg heads etc. (I am yet to do any good artwork for this but I would like to.)


Stats: - Considering the addition of Grineer plating this will be high armour + shield and since the barbaric operations in its transformation a low health. Please advise any alterations to the stats and powers.

Health - 75.0 (225.0 at rank 30) - This is the same as Mags stat showing the physical injury.

Power - 100.0 (150.0 at rank 30)

Shield - 150.0 (450.0 at rank 30) - This is the same as Mags with are fitting for the idea and aiming to make it justifiable

Armour - 125 - This is the same as Saryn's. A high  number but not overtaking Rhino or Frost.

Sprint - 0.95 - Again copying Saryn to make this a slow tougher Warframe.


Abilities: The Shinoa's abilities are made from the new technology added to the Tenno's suit these are taken from enemies encountered in Warframe.


- 1st - Harpoon: 25 energy

This is much like the Scorpion's weapon however to enable movement Shinoa can fire this on the move. This will cause damage to enemies hit and drag them across the floor the the feet of the Tenno.

  - Or this is a single dart projectile that causes large amounts of damage (bleeding?) and like the Paris drags enemies away with it.


- 2nd - Shockwave: 50 energy

This is the same thing as that used by the Grineer Heavy Gunners and other heavy Grineer. The Shinoa punches the ground knocking all enemies in a large radius over. At higher leaves the radius would increase and it could even send enemies flying away damaging them on impact. Shinoa receives minor protection during the casting.


- 3rd - Drone: 75 energy

Launching a Shield Drone this ability will provide a small, sentinel sized extra who will follow the Tenno around boosting it's shield and those other Tenno around it. At higher levels it's boost will work for a greater distance and a greater strength as well as increasing it's shield recharge rate.

*Personal note - I like the idea that the animation would be like that of the Fusion Moa and the Drone would be stored on it's back.


- 4th - Bombardment: 100 energy

This could work in two ways;

- 1. It activates a centered AoE on the Tenno bombarding the area with multiply grenades. At latter levels rockets would be mixed in with the grenades as well as a strength increase.This wouldn't be affected by Stretch (power range)  but would be by Focus (power strength) and by Continuity and Constitution (power duration) meaning the bombardment lasts for longer. Shinoa is protected during the casting.

- 2. Shinoa replaces it's primary weapon with a large rocket launcher. For the duration of the power the Tenno can fire endless seeking rockets at the enemy however it cannot move for the duration of the power nor is it protected.


This could be a drop by some new Rogue Scientist boss who is behind the mass collection and engineering of Warframes. It could enable the introduction of mercenary leagues of Grineer and Corpus and the facilities defenses.


Please leave your opinions and thoughts on this idea.

:) Your UnwantedCompany

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