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Variation To Console Hacking


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Variation Console Hacks [suggestion]


Sticking to my theme as of late with variety, like my post on https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/70781-suggestions-tldr-mission-variety-and-environmental-hazard/#entry757711'>Mission Variety and Environmental Hazard.  Though the console hacking mini game fits well, I don’t however think it fit everything in Warframe.


Though the current hacking fits well for quick hacking like opening security door lockdown, or when windows are broken out.


There is tons of hacking mini games out there and some would fit warframe well once they are warframized.  However some are better than others like:


Pin Change:

Masseffect 2: ByPass


Code Hack:

Mass Effect 2: Terminal Hack


Pipe Hacking:

Alien Swarm Access Terminal


Frogger Hacking

Mass Effect


Slide Bar Hacking:

Project Eden 14:32 mins


Maze Hacking:

Iji 6:40 mins


Example console hacking in Misison:


Deception Missions require a player to take a datamass to a terminal. Players are required to escort the data carrier or carry the data themselves to the ship's navigation core, upload the datamass to the target, and then escape to extraction.


Here the current hacking would work on the security doors and broken windows. As the tenno get the datamass carrying new navigation heading, we fight or sneak our way to the core.  This is where I feel that the Pipe Hacking would fit.   Then the Tenno are literally setting up a bridge/download link from the datamass to the Nav core to complete the objective.



Spy Missions require players to locate and hack terminals. Once a terminal is hacked, a datamass will be raised on the platform next to it. Players must pick it up and proceed to the next terminal.


Again the current hacking method works for the doors and windows.  Upon entering we are told usually to gather datamass from certain locations.  Here is where I think the Code hacking would fit well.  As we go to hack the computer system, we (tenno) are latterly complying data for the Lotus.  Weather we are under fire or not.



Mobile Defense Missions require players to carry a datamass, similar to Deception, to several computer terminals and upload it to them. Once uploaded at each terminal, players will have to defend the terminal until hacking is completed.


Like before about that current hack.  As the Tenno move through said location they get to the console for hacking.  At this point weather under fire or not, they are required to hack the console and set up and an uplink for the data mass using say the Frogger type Hacking.   Once the hack is done then its continue on with the next console for hacking.



Raid missions require the player to find an artifact, loot it, and return to extraction. Players will get a random modblueprint or consumable as a mission reward on completion of a Raid mission.


I know they are going to get rid of the Raid mission which is a shame.  I had so many good ideas to spice them up in the other post.  Either way I digress.  


As the tenno are told that there is a valuable artifact on board.   We make our way to the artifact chamber.   Here I think the Pin change hack would be great.  As we are rewiring the security console to grant access and open the chamber.   Once finish hacking, get the hell out.


Long story short, the current hacking mini game is great, but I think it is a bit too simple for the type of hacking that the Tenno do on a day to day bases.  Also adding different types of hack could be really customized to the factions.  Which would require the Tenno (us) to keep up adapting to the ever changing world of Warframe.

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