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Weapon Upgrade System Suggestion


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As I look at my weapon collection which has grown quite large, I have a certain feeling.  It's a feeling of annoyance.  Particularly the melee weapon section.  Look at this portion of the list.


Cronus, Dark Sword, Ether Sword, Heat Sword, Jaw Sword, Pangolin Sword, Plasma Sword, Dual Ether, Dual Skana, Dual Heat Swords, Skana.


I look at the Skana.  I leveled it to 30 and I'm never going to use it again.  I used a potato on it because I didn't know any better.  No, I'm not upset about the 20 platinum for the potato or the 6 platinum for the slot.  I'm annoyed because any other weapon on that list is a direct upgrade to this one piece of equipment.   Then I think, wouldn't it be cool if there was an upgrade system where a level 30 piece of basic gear was component?


Say for instance, you have a level 30 Skana, then the heat sword requires a level 30 Skana as part of the blueprint.

After that, the dual heat sword requires a level 30 dual skana and/or a level 30 heat sword.

Of course it would be kind of hard to implement it in the current system.  And we should get to keep our potato.  And we should also get to mess with the polarities as if we used a Forma on the weapon (Forma could be part of the blueprint).


That's just using a suggestion with stuff already in the game.  More subtle changes to existing gear could also be a possible use for this system.  Let's say I have a level 30 Lex.  When I go to upgrade (Forma) it how about if I have the option of either adding a scope (optical zoom) or Short Barrel (more power less accuracy).  Why not give it an extended mag or reduced recoil?  With so many options for just one weapon, you know certain people will try to collect all the variations!


To be completely honest, I feel like in the current system where you forma and re-level a piece of gear for a few extra mod points seems wasteful and adds unnecessary additional grinding to the game.  Especially when there are so many different pieces of gear to level that tend to be complete upgrades of the older equipment.  The idea of altering gear would make leveling gear that becomes outdated seem less painful if I new I could forma say, my old Lato into a Seer and keep the polarities I've put on it.

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