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Help Me Troubleshoot A Router Issue Triggered By Warframe Please.


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I have been playing Warframe for a while without noticing any issues, but I recently decided to join a clan and have been trying to host void missions to use up keys I have.  Before this, I only played with random public groups that the game put me in.


When I host a game, the internet connection doesn't say it has been lost, but the bandwith cuts out so badly that about the only thing that works is the text chat.  This affects other programs as well.  If I have a livestream open at the same time, the video stops but I still see the chat moving.  Sometimes this happens right away, sometimes I can host a couple missions before it does.  It has also happened a few times when I am not hosting and have joined a public game.  Before I just assumed it was a poor connection to whoever was hosting since I play at odd hours, but now I am not sure.  In one game I got stuck because I could not open a door, but I could talk to the players with text chat, and had to wait for them to finish the mission.


When the connection speed drops like this, it affects every computer using the router, wireless or wired.


Right now I connected this computer directly to the modem and hosted missions for a couple hours straight without any problems, and the 3 people that came said there was no lag (except when we found 90 mobs in one room of an exterminate mission but that's another story).


Edit:  I also had people join my squad while at the waiting for players screen for the first time just now, without using the router.


When this computer is hooked up to the router, it uses a wired connection.


The router is an Asus WL-520GU using Asus firmware.  I already tried setting ports 3960 and 3962 on the virtual server settings page with the IP to this computer.  I disabled the router firewall.


I could possibly try a different firmware but wanted to ask for help first.  One of the other computers on the network is used as a work computer so anything that causes connection issues is a big problem.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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